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LA City Council Okays Replacing Cops With Community Responders For Non-Violent Calls

The Los Angeles City Council approved a measure Tuesday that would allow unarmed community responders to step in for uniformed officers on non-violent calls, according to news reports. The local government’s initiative was unanimous and will replace cops on calls for drug overdoses and mental health issues, among other non-violent situations, according to CBS Los Angeles. The city is likely ...

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LA City Council Leader Criticized For Having LAPD Security Detail While Advocating For Department Budget Cuts

The Los Angeles City Council president is facing criticism for using police officers as personal security while calling for the department to be defunded. Democratic Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez used LAPD officers as security for the past two months until journalists began asking her questions, Spectrum News 1 initially reported. “It’s kind of ironic. Here she is ...

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Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Deputy Killed In Alleged Ambush By Man With A Stockpile Of Bombs

A Santa Cruz County sheriff’s deputy was killed and other officers were injured after a man who was stockpiling an arsenal of bombs and guns opened fire on them Saturday, according to local media reports. Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, 38, was fatally shot after officers while responding to reports of a suspicious van near Ben Lamond, California, Sheriff Jim Hart told ...

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Calexico City Officials Charged with Accepting Bribes to Expedite Marijuana Permits

A Calexico City, California councilman and mayor pro tem, along with a commissioner on the city’s Economic Development and Financial Advisory Commission, were charged in federal court today with accepting cash bribes in exchange for promises of official action by the city. According to a charging document, David Romero 36, and Bruno Suarez Soto, 28, both of Calexico, California, accepted ...

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California’s Reopening Plan Discriminates Against Churches, DOJ Says

California’s plan for reopening the economy discriminates against churches, the Department of Justice warned Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom Tuesday. The DOJ told Newsom in a letter provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation that though the DOJ understands California’s responsibility to protect the health and safety of Californians, the state also has a duty to preserve religious liberty during ...

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Illegal Aliens Can Begin Applying For Cash Assistance In California

Illegal aliens with children

Illegal aliens can apply for direct cash assistance from the California state government as of Monday, marking the implementation of the first relief program of its kind. California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, announced in April the launch of The Disaster Relief Fund, a $125 million coronavirus relief program for illegal aliens living in the state who don’t otherwise qualify for ...

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California County Caves To Let Tesla Reopen After Musk Floated Moving The Plant To Texas

Elon Musk may reopen his Tesla factory within a week provided the electric vehicle maker meets safety requirements, local California officials announced Wednesday. Tesla can reopen its Fremont, Calif., plant as soon as May 18 if the company meets an agreed upon safety measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Alameda County Public Health Department said in a press ...

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Californians Are Staring At A $54-Billion Deficit After Gov Newsom Instituted A Statewide Lockdown

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Thursday that the statewide lockdowns he put in place to slow the pandemic have resulted in a massive budget shortfall of $54.3 billion. Newsom’s stay-at-home orders in March forced nonessential businesses to close, prompting millions of Californians to file for unemployment. The Democratic governor’s administration is predicting that the state will hit 18% unemployment after registering ...

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Los Angeles to Hand Out Taxpayer-Funded Pre-Paid Debit Cards To Illegal Aliens

The city of Los Angeles will be doling out pre-paid debit cards to residents who have faced economic hardship due to the coronavirus lockdown, and living in the country illegally won’t disqualify you from getting the cash. Los Angeles officials have begun accepting applications for a no-fee debit card that provides cash to residents who were already living under the ...

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California Governor Working To Give More Coronavirus Aid To Illegal Aliens

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom said he is actively considering a proposal to establish a relief fund for illegal aliens who are not covered by the stimulus package passed by Congress. Newsom on Tuesday confirmed that he is working with Democrats in the California state legislature on a “Disaster Relief Fund” for illegal aliens, according to The Associated Press. Such ...

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California Providing Millions Of Dollars For Illegal Alien Business Owners

California Democratic Gov. Gain Newsom confirmed that his administration is providing economic relief to businesses in his state that do not otherwise qualify for federal aid, including those owned by illegal aliens. “[W]e always consider those that are documented, those that are undocumented, those that are living in mixed-status families,” Newsom said Friday during a press conference. His remarks were ...

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Trump’s Remain In Mexico Program To Be Blocked On Section Of US Border

A federal appeals court has said it will block the Migrant Protection Protocols program within its jurisdiction next week, unless the Supreme Court chooses to wade in. In the latest back-and-forth between the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Trump administration, the appeals court announced late Wednesday that it will block Migrant Protection Protocols — more popularly known as the ...

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Watch Live: President Trump Delivers Remarks to Rural Stakeholders on California Water Accessibility

President Donald Trump will speak to rural stakeholders about California water accessibility. The president is scheduled to speak at 2:30 p.m. PST. Content created by Conservative Daily News and some content syndicated through CDN is available for re-publication without charge under the Creative Commons license. Visit our syndication page for details and requirements.

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California’s Privacy Law Makes it Easy for Thieves to Steal Personal Data

California’s privacy law giving customers the right to their personal data is based on a European law that inadvertently lets hackers gain widespread access to people’s credit card numbers and home addresses. The California Consumer Privacy Act went into effect Jan. 1 and effectively gives citizens the ability to obtain and delete whatever data companies have on them. It’s also ...

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Climate Experts Suggest Trump Was Right When He Blamed California’s Wildfires On Land Management

Donald Trump success

Climate experts are apparently backing President Donald Trump’s repeated arguments that California’s wildfires were a result of poor land management rather than climate change-driven, E&E reported Thursday. Roughly 75% of damage stemming from California’s wildfires was a result of “the way we manage lands and develop our landscape,” Scott Stephens, a professor of fire science at the University of California, ...

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