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California Sees A Record Number Of COVID Deaths In August, Reaches 700K Cases

California registered more than 3,000 coronavirus-related deaths during August, marking the deadliest month for the state, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday. The state reported 3,745 deaths from COVID-19, representing an 18% increase over July, the report found. California also topped 700,000 overall coronavirus cases, the highest total in the country. However, after adjusting for population size, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi ...

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Christians Stop Believing the Coronavirus Con

Pastors are belatedly coming to the conclusion that letting Caesar decide when and where they can worship was a bad idea from the beginning. The fact the vast majority of churches meekly shut down and surrendered Easter demonstrated how deeply secular culture has penetrated the pastorate. These collaborationists forgot the one time Jesus lost his temper was when secular concerns ...

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LA Sheriff Refuses To Surrender 25,000 Illegal Aliens to ICE

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has refused more than 25,000 requests to surrender illegal immigrants detained in its jails to immigration agents in the 2020 fiscal year, Fox News reported. LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has blocked the transfer of illegal immigrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) due to concerns over the conditions at ICE facilities and the ...

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Lyft, Uber Continue Operating In California After Court Delays Order Forcing Them To Reclassify Drivers

Uber and Lyft will continue operating in California after a court issued a stay on an order forcing the ride sharing apps to reclassify their independent workers as full-time employees, The Washington Post reported Thursday. Both companies had threatened to suspend services in California after a court gave them 10 days from Aug. 10 to make drivers employees, The Post ...

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Wildfires, Blackouts And High Gas Prices: Californians Fight Familiar Foes Amid Pandemic

Wildfires are scorching California amid a massive heatwave, which is prompting citizens to consume more energy in hopes of staying cool. The increase in consumption resulted in rolling blackouts, as energy regulators managed an over-taxed energy grid.  The wildfires and blackouts are also coming amid a severe economic downturn caused in part by government-imposed lockdowns designed to slow the spread ...

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Gov. Gavin Newsom Declares State Of Emergency As Wildfires Char California, Gives Evacuation Orders

California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency Tuesday as wildfires continue torching parts of Northern California amid blackouts and a severe heatwave. “We are deploying every resource available to keep communities safe as California battles fires across the state during these extreme conditions,” the Democrat said in a press statement. The declaration comes as many citizens are subject ...

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‘Turn Up Your Damn Thermostat’: Former Gov. Jerry Brown Tells Californians How To Avoid Blackouts During A Heatwave

Former California Gov. Jerry Brown tweeted Tuesday that Californians can avoid further blackouts if they turn up their thermostat. “Hey California! We can avoid a blackout, but you have to turn up your damn thermostat!” Brown tweeted. The former Democratic governor’s suggestion comes as many citizens are subject to power outages due to heavy strain on the energy grid, CNBC ...

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DUH: Reliance on Renewable Energy Causing Massive Blackouts in Calornia

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday that the state’s transition away from fossil fuels and reliance on renewable energy was a contributing factor to the state’s rolling blackouts. The elimination of fossil fuel products as a major form of energy production and the shift to solar power and other forms of green energy has led to what Newsom called “gaps” in the ...

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Californians Are Violating Worship Restrictions To Stand Up For Their Liberty, Pastor Says

California Pastor Rob McCoy says the thousands of people who attend services at his church in violation of California coronavirus restrictions are not only coming to worship — they are coming to exercise their liberties. The pastor discussed action that authorities have taken against him and Godspeak Calvary Chapel in a Thursday interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation. McCoy ...

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Uber Might Temporarily End Service In California Over Law Classifying Drivers As Employees, CEO Says

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi suggested Wednesday that the ride-sharing app will likely close down for several months in California if a court doesn’t overturn a ruling that changes the classification of the company’s drivers to full-time employees. “If the court doesn’t reconsider, then in California, it’s hard to believe we’ll be able to switch our model to full-time employment quickly,” ...

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California’s State Health Director Resigns

The director of California’s Department of Public Health resigned Sunday after the state announced its coronavirus cases had been undercounted due to technical errors, Fox News reported. Dr. Sonia Angell submitted her letter of resignation after California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly revealed on Friday that 300,000 of the state’s coronavirus testing records had been backlogged, according ...

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California Wildfire Explodes To More Than 20,000 Acres In 3 Days, Forcing Thousands To Evacuate

California’s Apple fire spread to 26,450 acres Monday, Public Information Officer Daron Wyatt of the California Hearing Interagency Incident Management Team 2 told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Altogether, 2,296 personnel are responding to the fire, which is at 5% containment, Wyatt told the DCNF. The cause for the fire is still being investigated. One firefighter is believed to be ...

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Democratic Oakland Mayor Votes Down Further Police Budget Cuts After Vandals Trashed Her House

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf voted against further police budget cuts Tuesday after vandals defaced her home earlier the same day. A group of 30-40 people in black clothing and masks reportedly sprayed “Defund OPD” and “blood is on your hands,” among other phrases on the Democrat’s home, witnesses told ABC7. The vandals at 2 a.m. Tuesday also shot projectiles and ...

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