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What You Need To Know About The Local Leaders Standing Up To The Sanctuary Policies That Endanger Their Communities


WHAT: At a roundtable with President Trump, community leaders spoke out against the sanctuary policies that are jeopardizing the safety of their communities.  During a roundtable with President Trump, local leaders from across California spoke out against the statewide sanctuary policies enacted under Governor Jerry Brown. Local leaders called out sanctuary policies for what they are: dangerous. San Jacinto Mayor ...

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California [finally] deploys National Guard to border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Tuesday that members of the California National Guard had arrived along the U.S.-Mexico border to assist in border protection duties. “Today, as part of Operation Guardian Support, CBP officials at ports of entry along the California border with Mexico welcomed 24 California National Guard personnel,” CBP said in a statement. “Operation Guardian Support (OGS) ...

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Can Governors Reject Trump’s Call To Send Troops To The Border?

  by Anders Hagstrom Democratic California Rep. Ted Lieu said in a tweet earlier in April that governors may legally refuse President Donald Trump’s request to send National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border – but can they? Lieu is in fact correct. U.S. Presidents have two powers they can use to command the National Guard: Title 10, and Title ...

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Trump praises Gov. Brown for sending troops to border; Brown says not for immigration enforcement

A Bridge Too Far

President Donald Trump heralded California Governor Jerry Brown’s decision to send troops to the U.S. – Mexico border, but Brown says those troops will not enforce immigration laws. “California Governor Jerry Brown is doing the right thing and sending the National Guard to the Border,” the president tweeted Thursday morning. “Thank you Jerry, good move for the safety of our ...

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California Turns To Ninth Circuit To Stop Trump’s Border Wall

  by Kevin Daley California will appeal a decision allowing construction of a portion of President Donald Trump’s border wall, after a federal judge found the administration can waive environmental laws governing such projects. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra called the proposed barrier “medieval” and vowed to continue protecting the state from “federal overreach.” The lower court decision ensures the barrier ...

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Bill would require websites to use state-sanctioned fact-checkers

Facebook, Twitter and Google’s varied tactics to bury content they disagree with is eerily reminiscent of the Ministry of Truth’s “memory hole” from 1984. And a new piece of legislation that requires government-sanctioned fact-checkers takes things even further. California State Senator Richard Pan introduced “SB1424 Internet: social media: false information: strategic plan.” that requires any online communication to be run through government-approved censors ...

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What standard for science in court?

As Florida’s top court debates the governing standard for admission of scientific evidence in court, the spotlight has once again been thrown on the dilemma facing judges when trying to pick through multiple expert testimonies, often containing questionable and conflicting conclusions. This closely watched case hinges on the importance of ensuring high standards of admissible evidence and will impact the ...

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Watch: President Donald Trump talks border security and sanctuary cities in this week’s Presidential Address 4/7/18

President Donald Trump delivers his weekly address in which he shares his thoughts on border security, sanctuary city policies. This week’s address comes after the president said Tuesday that he would use the military to guard the border. On Friday, Trump issued a memo to Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, Health and Human Services and the Justice Department giving them ...

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Texas sends additional aircraft and troops to the border

The Texas National Guard announced the movement of aircraft and troops to the U.S. – Mexico border to support Customs and Border Protection efforts to guard the border. “Always Ready, Always There! Moving up to 500 #NationalGuard troops immediately on the SW border security mission,” Chief of the National Guard Bureau General Joseph Lengyel posted on Twitter Friday night. “Vehicles, ...

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California Sues Trump Administration For Census Citizenship Question


  by Ryan Pickrell The state of California is suing the Trump administration for allegedly violating the Constitution by adding a question inquiring about citizenship to the 2020 census questionnaire, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The Department of Commerce, carrying out a request from the Department of Justice, announced Monday that a citizenship question will be included in the census to better ...

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Border Patrol Agents Refuse To Turn Over Wanted Felons Because Of California’s Sanctuary Laws

  by Will Racke Border patrol agents are refusing to hand over illegal immigrants with felony warrants to police in California because they can’t be sure local authorities will return the criminal aliens to federal custody, according to a top border security official in San Diego. Rodney Scott, the chief patrol agent in the Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector, said ...

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ICE arrests 115 illegal aliens in Southern California operation

ICE with illegals

SAN DIEGO – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation officers arrested 115 individuals for violating federal immigration laws in the San Diego and Imperial counties during a three-day targeted enforcement operation that ended Thursday. Fifty of the immigration violators arrested were convicted criminals and seven others illegally re-entered the U.S. after removal. All but seven of the arrests took ...

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California Coffee Shop Doubles Down On Refusing Service To Cops

Hasta Muerte Coffee

  by Anders Hagstrom A California coffee shop doubled down on its refusal to serve police officers, claiming cops threaten their “physical and emotional safety.” Hasta Muerte Coffee owners refused service to a Latino police sergeant March 8 and are now defending that decision despite growing outrage, KTVU reported. The shop is a worker-owned collective with a mural criticizing police shootings and ...

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Did You Know You’re A Racist If You Obey The Law? Read on…

A Bridge Too Far

On Wednesday of this week, the Governor of California, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, called duly passed and signed federal immigration laws “racist”, and went on to say that obeying those laws was a racist act. It’s strange that the good governor had no problem with immigration laws when Barack Obama was disregarding them and in fact got a Supreme Court ruling ...

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