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California’s Gavin Newsom Angry Louisiana is not like California

The facts indicate that governor Landry is Spot on, and governor Newsom is clueless.

An enraged Gavin Newsom went to Twitter this morning casting aspersions on Lousiana, because Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed a bill into law yesterday that makes it the only state in the U.S. required to have the Ten Commandments on display in every public school classroom.

Newsom thinks that instead of worrying about the Ten Commandments, Landry should be more concerned about fighting crime, inaccurately arguing that Louisiana has the worse crime in the nation. He who controls the chart of accounts controls the narrative. He who controls the narrative and the legacy media controls the people. He who controls the people can cancel the past. And the FBI has been cooking the books for a long time, aided and abetted by the Legacy Media.

The FBI’s own Hate Crime Statistics Report show who is more likely to commit a hate crime. It shows that parents who show up at school board meetings are not likely to be terrorists. 

Neither are Mass-attending Catholics, or those who display patriotic symbology  or Pro-Life Advocates.

Nevertheless, Attorney General Garland sends the FBI to “protect” school boards. The FBI knows which public officials spew hate and call for violence against the police:

 Mr Anh Le was savagely beaten with a bat by two people in Chinatown. Despite the high Hate Crime rate in the city, The San Francisco DA plea-deal so the  perpetrators did no get jail time – he had to sue to get justice.

Consider two rioters who were responsible for burning down the Wendy’s in Atlanta during the BLM riots, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson and two counts of first-degree arson. Their punishment? Chisom Kingston and Natalie White will have to pay a $500 fine, 150 hours of community service and 5 years of probation. For reference, this is the same Fulton County where President Donald Trump was charged with 13 felony counts and facing a maximum of 76.5 years in prison.

 Why the Ten Commandments?

At The Great March on Washington, held in DC August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, delivered his historic ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in which he called for an end to racism and racial segregation. I Have a Dream, is quintessentially American: inspired by the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address.

MLK Jr. death cleared the way for the uber progressive Warren Court’s Decision (1963) – the Court found that teaching children about wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, fear of the Lord., charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control and chastity was too radical, and all hell broke lose. A decade later Roe v. Wade entered the picture.

Using analysis tools like the Ishikawa Cause-Effect Diagram, the Pareto Rule, Security Professionals’ Attack Tree and or Occam’s Razor, they all suggest that after the uber progressive Warren SCOTUS (1963) decision, we have had A mental health crisis. Infanticide turned into Black Genocide.

African American nuclear family has joined the Sea Turtles in the extinct list. 80% of AA kids are raised in fatherless homes. AIDS epidemic. Opiod crisis, We have a fatherlesssness crisis, A Girlhood Crisis, A Trans Crisis, Obesity crisis

Since then,  California had became the number one Global Fentanyl Consumer, number one Child Exploitation in the state and 43rd in education.

Did I tell you California is broke?

The facts indicate that governor Landry is Spot on, and governor Newsom is clueless.

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