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Narratives Shifting: The “Experts” Catch Up To The Rest Of Us

The Blue State Conservative

In the span of the last week, it has been amazing to watch the media narrative of Covid crumble. Between corporate press lackeys and self-appointed experts eating crow, it has been a terrific week for truth, science, and freedom. One Danish newspaper even openly apologized for its journalist failure of blindly accepting the government narrative. Still, this all needs to be tempered; after all, it’s not as if they are excited to be reporting this news. It’s just that they can’t not report it anymore. The Covid lies are becoming that obvious. 

As a backdrop to these shifting messages and general reminder of the elites’ duplicitousness, less than one month ago the Brandon administration released a bizarre memorandum to the American people declaring that the latest variant, Omicron, was a harbinger of a “severe winter of illness and death” for anyone yet to be injected with mRNA technology. Despite South African doctors recognizing that their Omicron wave had already dissipated around the same time (having come and gone with minimal severe illness and even less death), Team Brandon made sure to escalate fear and outrage against the so-called unvaccinated. For good measure many Democrat-run cities and states mandated masks on even the vaccinated population just to remind them who was in charge.

From the onset of its alleged discovery, Omicron never posed a serious risk, and indeed could be seen as a scientific miracle that enabled millions of people to develop natural immunity at a fraction of the risk to either previous variants or the vaccines themselves. Nevertheless, the lies – indeed, the misinformation – from nefarious media and political sources sought to foment as much panic around Omicron as it had in the earliest days of pandemic. 

In light of some really obvious facts on the ground, the message had to change. And fast. This past week, stunning revelations (stunning only because who said them) were shared by the disgraced Rochelle Walensky and Tony Fauci in their never-ending media crusades. 

First, on December 31st, and just two weeks after the demagoguing admonition to the unvaccinated, Fauci admitted what we have known all along with regard not only to the impact Covid has on young people but on the accounting of their hospital visits. He shared that “ the other important thing is that if you look at the children who are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with Covid as opposed to because of Covid.” You don’t say. 

Not long after, on January 10th, Walensky admitted that an “overwhelming number of deaths [from COVID-19 among the vaccinated] occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities…The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities.” This is a breathtaking statistic. The commonly used rebuttal for Covid’s severity is that the average number of comorbidities is just under three, but now knowing that 75% of all Covid deaths include people with four or more takes this argument to an entirely different level. After factoring in age and extensive compounding factors, who does Covid actually kill?

Around the same time as the Fauci and Walensky admissions of Covid hospitalizations and deaths, CNN started to reprogram its viewers. One article ran under the headline “Can weight loss help protect against Covid-19?” while Jake Tapper called attention to a factoid sane people have been saying for the duration of the pandemic: Not everyone hospitalized while testing positive for Covid are hospitalized because of Covid. As with the specific admission by Fauci with children, this CNN segment took it all the way to include everyone that had been hospitalized. Information from New York state showed that just 57% of all people hospitalized with Covid were actually admitted because of the virus. In other words, 43% of all Covid-positive hospitalizations in New York state have been for another ailment. 

Most recently, Walensky tweeted a fact sheet with some eye-opening numbers. Her verified Twitter account shared that Omicron, compared to Delta, poses 53% less risk of symptomatic hospitalization, 74% less risk for ICU admission, 91% less risk of death, and that so far not a single person in America has required mechanical ventilation. I’ll translate those numbers into laymen’s terms: Omicron is safer than the flu. Throw away your tests, throw away your masks, and stop getting boosted (more on that in the next paragraph) – Covid is over.

Most damning of all to the narrative comes from the World Health Organization. As reported by intrepid Covid journalist Alex Berenson, a parsing of what he calls the public health jargon and ass-covering reveals an astonishing admission about vaccination:

“[A] a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

With all of this, the reason for the messaging shift is clear and continues to reflect almost-murderously on the public health institutes and corporate media that lied and agitated mentally unwell people. By pretending everyone was in the hospital because of Covid, it raised the urgency to take drastic, draconian measures at the cost of individual and societal freedoms. By pretending vaccines and their boosters worked, it raised social tensions and enabled countless people to die as a result of suppressed information on viable treatments. Now, with the virus attenuating and poll numbers sinking Brandon’s ship, they need to pivot from Covid. It worked in defeating Trump; they can’t let it work against their own guy now.

That’s not the whole story, though.

Somehow, in the context of the ruling class’s own shift in tone and message around the very obvious nature of Omicron and vaccination in general, these same mendacious tyrants are seeking to enforce vaccine mandates and are urging all mask wearers to adopt N95 masks (because they finally admitted cloth masks are mere theater). Just yesterday, the Supreme Court allowed the federal mandate for any healthcare facility that receives Medicare/Medicaid funding, which is to say pretty much any healthcare facility. Really? Seriously, make up your mind. Is Covid less of a threat than ever before but somehow demands more lab juice and masks now more than ever before? The astounding dissonance in messaging and policy can only be explained as intentional obfuscation and a desire to keep people confused and frightened. There is simply no rational explanation for mutually incompatible outlooks. Either Covid is dissipating or it’s getting worse; there is no middle ground.

Thankfully, more and more people appear to be tuning out. It’s a wonder Walensky and Fauci have anyone still heeding their inconsistent and illogical recommendations, particularly in the face of their latest admissions. We need to be done with these worthless clowns as much as we need to be done with Covid. 

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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  1. I will do one better as you state, “The astounding dissonance in messaging and policy can only be explained as intentional obfuscation and a desire to keep people confused and frightened.” The most likely reason for maintaining the confusion and fear in the general populace is the accumulation of additional wealth by those in charge. Now POTUS has stated that the Feds will provide us all masks for free! In all probability those masks will cost us taxpayers far more than had we purchased our own, when or if even needed. No worries though as POTUS and his pals can divvy up all the extra charges the taxpayers will have to pay for those masks and vaccines!
    People need to remember that the government has NO money of its own, only what it can TAKE from YOU the taxpayer. Would there ever be a person who might be more interested in their own gains and ideals over the common good, even to the point of actually harming their own citizens in that pursuit? If you truly do not believe that, then please do not consider people like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. as they are only the most recent examples of people who killed for power and money, not to mention the many gangs of criminals who peddle girls, drugs, etc. for monetary gain.

  2. If science can’t be questioned it’s not science anymore. It’s propaganda. They want to rip on people for taking Ivermectin. I researched and saw the evidence on the internet. Research papers are on the internet for those who wants to see. Top respected world doctors are being under defamation by MSM and vaccine manufacturers. I won’t back down recommeding IVM.

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