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Biden Is An Absolute Fraud For Saying It, But The Core Issue Is Still Not Funding Or Defunding The Police

The Blue State Conservative

In his State of the Union speech, Joe Biden made the jaw-dropping statement that he supported funding the police. He told a lot of big lies – his concern for national unity chief among them – but this police flip-flop represents the second-deadliest nonchalant course reversal (after Covid policies) and it simply can’t be ignored.

Just for context, take a listen to this montage of various Democrats saying the exact opposite not that long ago:


Put pithily, Democrats have enabled selfish, amoral, violent individuals who are unfit to participate in society to repeatedly return to the streets. The rise in murders and violent crime as a result of either the Ferguson effect in particular or lax handling of cases in leftist-infested district attorney offices in general have unleashed a swarm of thuggish losers on the law-abiding polity. Good people have died as a result, with many more suffering scarring injuries or damaged property beyond repair. (This is a must-read essay on BLM’s impact on their communities.) Joe Biden and other Democrats are directly responsible for this.

In my heart, I do not believe Democrats care about American citizens. They endorse the murder of infants, making feminism/leftism by far the leading cause of death for the past 50 years. So that’s already a deep hole to dig out of. However, every policy they put forth is riddled with disregard or outright hostility toward quality of life. Open borders, high taxation, apparently their new-found love of warhawking, withholding and maligning of early Covid treatments, creation of a dehumanizing and demoralizing welfare state, and everything else runs counter to common sense and against the best interest of the individual. The list just goes on and on; give me a Democrat policy and I will tell you how it’s both wrong and immoral. 

Prior to last night, they had never supported the concept of law enforcement either. Except, now they do? Like Covid, the only thing changing is their political calculus. Even they can’t ignore the hardships their worthless policies have generated. Democrats deserve our scorn and derision for so quickly changing their tune in the vain effort to attract votes. You can be sure their language one way or the other – fund, defund, whatever – won’t change the bottom line. And they honestly don’t care if it does; they just want the sheeples’ votes.

All this being said, we can be outraged at Biden for blatantly lying, ignoring the scores of destroyed lives in the process, and also recognize that the issue of policing is merely a bandaid. It is the focus on the symptom of a larger, more fundamental disease. I’ll provide a personal anecdote.

I live on a crime-free street in a mostly crime-free community. I know my neighbors, seeing them on daily walks, runs, or occasional gatherings. We do a Fourth of July boat parade every summer and participate in annual Neighbor Night Out events. I live by good people who do good work, work hard and raise good kids. I repeated the word “good” intentionally. The only time I see the police is when a retired neighbor hosts them in his front yard with potlucks. Conservatives are rightfully growing weary of a heavily-armed, tate-funded enforcer (see: Freedom Convoy response), but there’s still an inherent belief that evil exists and the only response to evil is an overwhelming display of good. Crime is part of the human condition; so too must a social response to crime then.

That being said, crime is not part of my daily life. I am lucky, but it’s not entirely by accident. I do right by myself, my family, and my neighbors and they return the favor. I moved here knowing I would live by good people. I suspect most are God-fearing, but that’s not as important as the fact that everyone abides by the same social contract. Be nice, take care of yourself, take care of others, and don’t violate the Ten Commandments (or however you name such a system). In short, the police exist but are not needed where I live.


Democrats and their domestic terror allies, Black Lives Matter, would have the nation believe that the police are evil – oops, I mean they are good as of Tuesday night! – and moreover have us believe they are racist to their core. It’s such a stupid position that no amount of logic can win emotional zealots over. People like the hostile and vicious Representative Cori Bush are almost irredeemable in this regard. If their premise were true, why are there never any police-involved incidents in my community? Heck, back this question up: Why isn’t there any need for the police to become involved in the first place?

The issue of policing is one of political maneuvering, especially for Democrats. Republicans are right to take the rational, sane, and moral side of defending the defenders, but they still don’t take it far enough. Police are necessary, but why is that? Instead of focusing on funding or defunding the police, we should be focusing on the conditions that give rise to even needing them. A community in good moral standing simply doesn’t require law enforcement in the same way that a community beset by immorality, hedonism, narcissism, selfishness, and blame gaming. 

By all means, fund the police. I want bad people put away. I don’t want thieves, arsonists, rioters, looters, rapists, abusers, and murderers anywhere near my family. Joe Biden is an outright Liar-in-Chief for claiming the correct move is to fund our law enforcement agencies. Neither he nor his party believe it. Also, notice he never said put criminals away; he just said spend more money and wish the problem of crime away. Typical grandstanding, but the seals in the audience clapped anyway.

But, as is typical of our political types, they think government is the answer. Wrong. Government can protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but it can’t establish a working moral code for individuals. Until lost and wayward souls figure it out for themselves, we will keep hearing the same debates about the proper amount of money to spend on police. In the end, it simply doesn’t matter.

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