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Outrageous: Biden Claims “Things Have Gotten So Much Better For” Americans (VIDEO)

The Blue State Conservative

Modern-day leftists are evil. They are pure evil. Not only do they enact ruinous policies that harm individuals, destroy liberties, and bring out the worst in people, but they do these things all while calmly explaining the moral intent in which they do it.

No soundbite better encapsulates this fundamental observation than that of Joe Biden speaking softly and with apparent concern for those in his charge – the American people. The RNC put out a segment from a larger interview in which “Biden claims he’s made things better but people are psychologically unable to feel happy.” Take a look for yourself:


“[A] phenomenal negative psychological impact that Covid has on the public psyche and so you have a awful lot of people who are, uh, notwithstanding the fact, uh, that things have gotten so much better for them economically, uh, that they are thinking but how do you get up in the morning feeling happy, right? happy that everything is alright.”

Like I said, pure evil. Joe Biden and everyone else like him have nothing but disdain for folks like you and me. Barack Obama said I’m a desperate clinger. Hillary Clinton called me deplorable. Merrick Garland labeled me a domestic terrorist. Joe Biden has on multiple occasions lashed out at me for not being vaccinated and threatened me with death and job loss for not complying with his mandates. Biden called me a white supremacist who benefits from systemic racism on his first day in office. They all call me a Nazi for supporting Trump. I spread mal, mis, and disinformation simply for noting that vaccines don’t work in preventing infection or stopping transmissions.

They hate me. They absolutely hate me.

Joe Biden has spent his first year in office making sure my middle-class lifestyle, which brings me freedom and happiness, is destroyed as much as possible. His endless stimulus packages and money-printing schemes have ensured inflation puts an inexorable squeeze on my assets. What little fiat money I have loses value by the day. 

Biden hates that I live in a safe community. He has made sure to import millions upon millions of violent criminals and spread them throughout the country. Your safe, rural community? Planes and buses will show up regardless of your opinion, and especially at night so you don’t even know. While conservatives have a reckoning with law enforcement (after watching vaccine passports get enforced and protests get shut down by none other than our Thin Blue Line), that doesn’t mean we can’t value the notion of law and order. Neutering police and installing far-left DAs has allowed repeat offenders to do what they do best: Repeat offend. Crime and murder are through the roof, and no one cares. Biden’s policies allow would-be assassins to have a $100,000 bond posted, no problem.

Biden hates that I don’t see the world through a woke prism of race and gender. He appointed a Supreme Court nominee who will make Sonia Sotomayor look like William Buckley. The one thing that makes America great and unique in the world – the fact that an American is an idea and not handicapped by having to belong to any specific race, religion, background, culture, or anything else – is being eroded by the day thanks to the likes of leftism, postmodernism, and variations of so-called “critical” thinking.


And now with the fake war and fake concern over Ukraine, we are watching the epic collapse of the Green New Deal narrative. Biden hates that he can’t scam me into paying more for environmental justice, which is really just communism blanketed in flowers and rainforests. Joe Biden had no problem cutting off energy independence and paying for Russian oil and gas, but let’s be clear about one thing: Freedom will not come from the most advanced technology; it will come with no foreign reliance on cheap and available fossil fuels. Why did I even see this tweet:

It’s absolutely criminal what Joe Biden and his allies have done. And they have the chutzpah to tell me it’s all okay? They lie everyday about Covid. People still think six-foot distancing is rooted in science (it’s not; they made it up). People think we should vaccinate ourselves out of the pandemic (we can’t and never could; European countries are admitting that). People still think masks work (they do not). 

Now, about the only lie bigger than anything that starts with a C and ends in -ovid is the lie that “things have gotten so much better for” you and me. Biden has gone out of his way to make sure life is worse and people are more divided and angrier than ever.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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  1. 54 years old and was required to watch the news as a child. Hence my ability to compare two of the worst presidents in the last 50 years, Carter and Xiden. Carter was completely incompetent and out of his element inside the beltway. Xiden is a career political serpent who, working in concert with other America-hating Democrats, is intentionally trying to weaken/destroy America as we know it.

  2. Carter was misguided, but I think a decent person at heart. This guy is just an evil, lying sack of manure.

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