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Report: Majority Of MN COVID Cases Are Now Among The Vaccinated

The Blue State Conservative

“More than half of the Minnesotans who tested positive for COVID-19 in December were vaccinated, the latest evidence that waning vaccine protection and the highly-contagious omicron variant have altered the fight against the pandemic.”

That’s a bold statement. Did Joe Rogan have a guest on who made up statistics to appease the fringe anti-vaxxers? Are these the words of a conspiracy theorist delivering what the Department of Homeland Security labels as MDM (misinformation, disinformation, malinformation)? 

No and no. Instead, it was the leftist rag the Minnesota Star Tribune – known colloquially as the Red Star for its communist leanings. And that factoid wasn’t even buried in the bottom; that was the opening paragraph! They literally can’t hide the failures anymore. 


As for the second paragraph of the article, here was another admission that would have been considered domestic terrorism just a few weeks ago:

“Roughly a third of those who were hospitalized for COVID-19 or died during that month also were vaccinated. The Minnesota Department of Health breakthrough case data does not indicate if people had received boosters shots”.

Here’s a question: If the vaccines worked, why aren’t they working? 

The data coming out of Minnesota sounds remarkably similar to bombshell revelations in other states made over the past few weeks. Last month, New York state admitted that fully 42% of all Covid-related hospitalizations were merely incidental. In other words, only 58% of their total hospitalizations were because of Covid. Similarly, when death among the vaccinated does occur, CDC puppet Rochelle Walensky also had to admit last month that 75% of the deceased counted more than four significant comorbidities. Again, translated to plain English, that means vaccinated people that don’t die aren’t necessarily protected by the vaccine. They are simply protected by the same factors as the rest of us – healthier bodies.

This is blatant lying in order to scare the public. It’s reminiscent of Kamala Harris averring last summer that “virtually every person who is in the hospital sick with COVID-19 right now is unvaccinated.” If her cackled claim were true, someone would have to be able to explain how a more mild variant (Omicron) has sent one-third of Minnesota’s vaccinated and Covid-positive residents to the hospital while a more serious variant (Delta) did not. That’s called a conundrum.

Predictably, after addressing unavoidable facts, the Star Tribune segues into meaningless mush about how the vaccines prevented more serious complications and that we should all get them. Maybe they aspire for this hopelessly blue state to mimic Israel and have Covid surges despite two rounds of boosters. 


Despite an irrefutable failure of vaccination, Minnesota health authorities have no interest in pivoting from their singular effort of mass vaccination.

“Minnesota health officials say they will continue their exhaustive campaign to get as many people vaccinated as possible. That includes still trying to convince holdouts as well as encouraging everyone who is eligible to get a booster.

The vaccination campaign includes working to answer questions of people who are hesitant and dispelling misinformation that continues to circulate online. Much of that has to do with vaccine safety.”

We have entered the land of insanity. Vaccines do not prevent infection, illness, or death. They essentially do nothing, and they certainly don’t add value to the existing retinue of treatment options, ivermectin chief among them. What’s more, anecdotal evidence and first-hand experience suggests that the people most likely to be vaccinated and boosted are the same people who wear N95s in public. The people that want to feel protected cannot do enough to achieve that, and for the remaining lucid populace, the vaccine simply doesn’t make sense when the survival rate is about as close to 100% as possible.

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