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For Democrats, The Better Life Gets The More They Complain

The Blue State Conservative

How much better off would Democrats specifically and civilization as a whole be if, for once, everyone focused on the massive societal gains and looked to the future with realistic optimism instead of misplaced and worsening pessimism?

Of the many axioms and truisms that offer sagacious observations in this lifetime, we could add one more to the list: The better life gets, the more miserable a leftist will become. 

Why this happens is not hard to figure out. Leftism is predicated on the failed worldview of Marxism, which posits human beings must be broken down into a limited binary of oppressor/oppressed, victim/victimizer, white/BOPIC, have/have not, etc. By definition, a leftist puts themself in the former class of each diametric, therefore adopting a position of resentment, jealousy, hostility, and envy. Like a cornered feral animal, the only remaining option is to attack the supposed threat.

This is true no matter one’s actual standing in the world, for example that of former U.S. Senator and two-time president Barack Obama. Having been born during a time period when blacks were legally segregated and yet rising to join one of the most exclusive groups in American history (only forty-two other human beings had ever been a president before him), Obama rallies around the notion of endemic oppressive forces. 

This should come as no surprise; for those who imbibe from the bottle of identity politics will only ever be angry and upset. And to be sure, though it happens in all circles of identity, the supremacy of the black grifter is perhaps unrivaled: Ibram X. Kendi, Al Sharpton, Joy Reid, and an entire black intelligentsia have made millions of dollars and earned a swath of influence by pronouncing their own downtrodden lives. The louder the scream, the more fame and fortune they accrue. If that is oppression, we would all be so lucky to be oppressed.

Compounding the mandatory outrage is the fact that as life does get better, a leftist must repress reality and empiricism. There is a correlating inverse relationship with goodness in the world and leftist hysteria. It makes sense; the more obvious the goodness is, the louder they must scream to counteract it. A simple survey of the landscape would show that to be black, gay, female, or whatever else is to be the freest black, gay, female, or whatever else to ever live in America, and certainly across other geographies and times. In the not-so-distant American past, women could barely vote, expect to hold a meaningful job, or even be inspired by their community to hold such aspirations. Now, women are pilots, doctors, lawyers, school leaders, CEOs, and like Obama, major party presidential candidates. In the case of Hillary Clinton, she is a perennial candidate. Is that oppression? 

Likewise for the ever-expanding LGBT community (can we throw in a U for unvaccinated?), there has never been a better time to openly flaunt one’s perversity and mental illness. Not only can a queer, non-binary, transgender person of color exist in our world, they are elevated to a status by every cultural insitutruon as if they represented thr second coming of the Messiah. If this is oppression, the word loses all meaning.

In order to be a contemporary progressive leftist, one must sacrifice an understanding of the world and all of human nature. Leftism appeals to people because it targets one of the many flaws of human nature – to avoid responsibility, work, ideals, and expectations. When black urban culture is resposnible for half the nation’s murders and violent crime, it is easier to blame the omnipresence of historical and systemic racism than own up to failed morality and the absence of strong men in the home. When suicide rates for the transgender community are identical before and after coming out and/or transitioning, it is easier to blame noxious cisgender, heteronormative culture than swallow the bitter pill that suffering from mental illness, and certainly having the mental illness celebrated, is driving the astronimical rates among the gender dysphoric community.

At the risk of ignoring the real threat of a globalist, technocratic oligarchical regime, it seems pretty safe to say that life has never been better than for those of us lucky to be living in America right now. This is true for all Americans, whether through birth or immigration. We still have access to the most freedom, the best opportunities, the greatest education systems, the highest incomes, the biggest housing, and unrivaled access to modern luxuries like smartphones, the internet, automobiles, air travel, world-class healthcare, and so much more. 

Nevertheless, Democrats and the left will continue to harp on something negative. Make no mistake, they aren’t calling attention to it so that we or they can actually address any real problem. No, they are calling attention to it because they suffer from an appalling historical ignorance, inability to recognize or express gratitude, and most of all, because that’s all they know.

They are miserable people and will never cease in trying to make all of us miserable too. Don’t let them.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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