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Rick Perry Stands up to Ron Paul During Commercial Break in Debate

I want a President who will stand up to anyone getting in the way of a more effective conservative government in 2013, and that includes Libertarians like Ron Paul. While some folks are saying there was no confrontation between Perry and Paul during a commercial break in the GOP Presidential debate on Wednesday evening, a picture is worth a thousand ...

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A Bizarre Marriage Of Ideals: Reviewing the GOP Debate

Tonight was the next installment in a series of  televised GOP Presidential Debates. Oddly enough, the debate itself was a very bizarre marriage of ideals. It was held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library, and sponsored by NBC News, parent company of the extreme left network MSNBC,  on which it was televised.  This partnership is not one you ...

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GOP Reagan Debate: The Herminator, Texans & is Jon Huntsman an Android?

The latest GOP debate was held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley and it may go down as one of the best so far.  Brian Williams and John F. Harris moderated what MSNBC was obviously hoping would be remembered as the Perry vs. Romney debate.  The first ten minutes were devoted to a spirited back and forth between the ...

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The GOP Snooze-fest

There I was, ready for a debate. What I got was what may well be the cure for my chronic insomnia. You were there, and if you weren’t, don’t bother. I think even the most lazy of semi-involved Conservatives could have scripted it, with only a few exceptions. Most notable in the debate was how annoying Brian Williams managed to ...

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America, This Is What Real Leadership Looks Like

Whether you agree with his position on the issues or not, the American people need to look no further than Texas to see an example of what real leadership looks like. This morning, Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the catastrophic wildfires that are burning throughout the state. Governor Perry, who is running for President in ...

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Jon Huntsman Diagnosis: Delusional

The definition of delusional is: “a false belief held with absolute conviction despite superior evidence.”   This diagnosis, without a doubt, is accurate for presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, Jr. From the first moment of his official announcement that he would be running for president on the Republican ticket, the possibility of him winning the nomination has been laughable. Let’s take a look ...

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The Holy Candidate

With the firestorm of mudslinging that is already taking place so early in the race for presidency, one might find themselves pondering the options they have been given. It’s been said throughout the history of elections that “no one is perfect”. This in indeed a fact- there is no one, ever, that we will agree with on every single issue, ...

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The Makings of Men: Obama and Perry

If the latest polls are any sign, Perry is likely to be the GOP selection to run for President in 2012 against Barack Obama. How do they stack up against each other? Political Career: Rick Perry: Most re-elected governor of Texas – 3 terms. Before that: elected to the state House of Representatives, agriculture commissioner and lieutenant governor Barack Obama: ...

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Note to Washington Post: Cover Katie Perry, not Rick

Republicans won’t know for months how seriously voters in Iowa and New Hampshire will take the presidential candidacy of Gov. Rick Perry (R–TX), but right now the Washington Post takes him very seriously indeed. The front page of Sunday’s Post marked the beginning of the official media Stop Perry Campaign. You may recall last week’s column discussing a new rating ...

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Rick Perry Pulling Away From the Pack

Just one month ago the story was that Mitt Romney was a show-in for the GOP nomination. Considering his liberal-brand of Republican politics, many assumed that to win, the candidates had to be from the middle. Now, Conservative governor of Texas Rick Perry is breaking through that perception. Gallup released a poll today that shows Perry taking 29% of the ...

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Obama Administration Turns to Pitch Forks and Torches

They are “out of bullets” when it comes to fixing the economy reads the headline. That’s Ok, if your a member of the Obama administration – you just pull out a pitch fork. When asked about Obama’s plan on the economy, David Axelrod made excuses on ABC News This Week, that their economic policies have struggled “because of the Arab spring, ...

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The Cowboy Rides In

Well it’s official, Rick Perry is making the run for president in 2012. Not everyone is thrilled about Perry entering the race, especially liberals. There are some in the Conservative/Republican camps that aren’t real happy with the decision either. Why might so many people be nervous? Let’s take a look at a few reasons they may be nervous. The great ...

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Ames Straw Poll Results and Follow-Up

Days of news coverage of the Ames straw poll have come to conclusion – Michele Bachmann won, Ron Paul took second and Tim Pawlenty rounded out the top three. First the detailed results. Out of 16,584 votes cast: Michele Bachmann 4,823 votes / 29.1% Ron Paul 4,671 / 28.2% Tim Pawlenty 2,293 / 13.8% Rick Santorum 1,567 / 9.4% Herman ...

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