Obama Administration Turns to Pitch Forks and Torches

They are “out of bullets” when it comes to fixing the economy reads the headline. That’s Ok, if your a member of the Obama administration – you just pull out a pitch fork.

When asked about Obama’s plan on the economy, David Axelrod made excuses on ABC News This Week, that their economic policies have struggled “because of the Arab spring, because of the Japanese earthquake, and because of Europe.”

Education Secretary Arne Duncan went after GOP candidate Rick Perry’s record on education in an interview earlier this week. Although Duncan’s slew of facts have been proven lies, it’s more important to understand why they have to attack a Candidate. Perry is showing strongly in the polls and his record on jobs would be impossible for the Obama administration to compare against.

Karl Rove was attacked in another “blame Bush” moment after he had called out Obama’s failed economic policies. A scare tactic to get voters to vote against Republicans in some misplaced fear of another four years of George W. Bush.

Most of the leading questions were about what the Obama administration is going to do to make things better. There weren’t any answers coming from any of them, only attack, attack, attack. Why?

The Obama Presidency is in trouble from two perspectives – externally and even worse, from within.

Outside-looking-in, the president’s approval ratings are at all-time lows. On the economy, the numbers are atrocious – only 26% of registered voters have a positive opinion of Obama’s handling of the economy. A generic republican is ahead of Obama in the polls and as we see the GOP field narrow, whoever is at the top will likely have a large lead over the President.

The Congressional Black Caucus is losing patience with the President as he fails to make any improvements in a catastrophic black unemployment situation.

Inside the White House, its leader may be losing his confidence. None of his policies are working. Health care costs are still going up, Medicare premiums are still rising, the stimulus failed to keep unemployment under 8% – and also to return it to 6% by this time as the President promised. He could not close GitMo, ordered the resurgence into Afghanistan and started a war with Libya.

Peggy Noonan pointed out that the president may have some job satisfaction issues, “Under these circumstances he could not possibly be enjoying his job. On the stump this week in the Midwest, he should have been on fire with the joy of combat, he should have had them whooping and hollering with fresh material and funny lines. But even at his feistiest, he was wilted.”

He has tried governing using the tactics of Saul Alinskey and the talking points of the emotionally-driven left. He cannot for the life of him understand what’s going wrong. Now his administration has kicked off their new plan – use more talking points and political attacks. More of the same. On Sunday talk shows this morning, the old line “The Stimulus didn’t work because it wasn’t big enough” even resurfaced.

President Obama had a large majority in both houses of Congress in his first two years of Congress and got everything he wanted. None of it is actually working. Now that Republicans control just one house, he’s using them as an excuse.

Leaders work to unite those with differing views to accomplish a common goal. This president hasn’t been leading. He’s been attacking Conservatives and praising liberals. Admonishing the T.E.A. Parties while pandering to left-wing groups.

Being the president sometimes means saying to opponents “I hear you and I’m going to work to address your concerns” and to your allies “we have to be reasonable”. Instead, he is asking his opponents to give in while asking nothing of liberal extremists.

If he could be more .. presidential .. he could possibly rescue his presidency, but I don’t see that happening – and neither, it appears, does his administration.

While asking for toned-down rhetoric, the President’s administration is coming to the discussion with pitch forks raised and torches lit.


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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I believe, coincidentally with Limbaugh, that Obama (and his advisers) know exactly what they are doing; revival of the U..S. economy is not their purpose. Obama’s apologies/criticisms of his country are not limited to foreign policy. He doesn’t like the U.S. economy, either, and will shrink it, just as he is intent on shrinking U.S. global status and our military. I daresay he doesn’t like the U.S. society any more than he likes our military and he would weaken it, as well, if he could. And he will proceed down this path until Jan. 20,2013 when he, we hope, will vacate the WH, forever.

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