The GOP Snooze-fest

There I was, ready for a debate. What I got was what may well be the cure for my chronic insomnia. You were there, and if you weren’t, don’t bother. I think even the most lazy of semi-involved Conservatives could have scripted it, with only a few exceptions.

Most notable in the debate was how annoying Brian Williams managed to be during the few seconds he had between questions. He never missed a chance to verbally roll his eyes at responses, or even the asking of questions. He was followed up superbly by well placed SEIU ads and Maddow promos. I should have gotten something stronger than coffee.

You can go back and catch the #ReaganDebate hashtag on Twitter for plenty of quotes, quips and commentary, but below are just a few of my highlights:

Best GOP moment of the night goes to Speaker Gingrich. Newt was visibly perturbed by William’s early attempt to have Newt bash his fellow stagemates. His answer: Holding up the 11th Commandment. I’m not a fan of the Speaker but that was definitely his winning moment. He did well enough throughout the rest of the debate, in tried and true Gingrich style. Nothing really new here, and everything old. Poor Newt is destined to stay the former Speaker in 2012.

Jon Huntsman had quite a few good moments. Too bad he kept talking. Sorry, Governor, you didn’t gain any ground, but you can bet that they are still calling you crazy.

Herman Cain might as well have stayed home, along with Rick Santorum. Neither got the air time they needed to say anything new and once Cain started in on his 9-9-9 Plan ( have YOU read it??) and Santorum adopted the Royal We as his candidate, it was pretty much over for the both of them. Thanks for coming out!

Governor Perry was in fine fashion (No, really. Great suit, sir!) and actually had me listening to what he was saying. Right up until he started agreeing with Obama. A lot. I also didn’t miss him saying that he did the right thing, in *maybe* the wrong way, in regards to mandated vaccines. Or that he would likely do it again. There was some stumble and fumble around the jobs and welfare numbers for the Great State of Texas for Perry tonight, and it definitely cost him a little out of state cred.

Romney wasted no time in pointing out that RomneyCare was better than ObamaCare, or that his mandate wasn’t nearly as bad as Perry’s mandate, or that he was a Tea Party guy. Heck, he even has a plan, and those SOBs LIKE plans! Oh! and Obama is BAD! ( rinse, repeat) . Mitt has his loyals, and he played to them tonight. He was excellent at the jabs and I would be willing to bet that he has no idea what the 11th Commandment is, honest. mmmm mmmm, Politicans!

Ron Paul .. Poor guy. I *LIKE* Ron Paul. Too bad that when he said he could get a gallon of gas for a dime, he forgot who was watching this debate. And again, when he mentioned a fence keeping Americans in and not just the bad guys out. It’s really a shame that no one will bother to check out the melt value of a Mercury dime right now or take some time to discover what open trade agreements with Mexico could do for the economy. Ron Paul got ten cent fenced tonight. However, if you took the time to at least listen to his very last remark, you heard some pretty undeniable, inarguable logic. Plus, it had to be nice to hear both Perry and Newt quote him nearly verbatim in regards to Bernanke and the Fed.

Congresswoman Bachmann …. does anyone remember what she said? Anyone? I hear Minnesota is nice this time of year…

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Michelle Ray (twitter: @GaltsGirl)

Michelle Ray is the host of In Deep on CDN Radio, Social Media Director for Conservative Daily News, and can be found on Twitter as @GaltsGirl

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