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Rick Perry Pulling Away From the Pack

Just one month ago the story was that Mitt Romney was a show-in for the GOP nomination. Considering his liberal-brand of Republican politics, many assumed that to win, the candidates had to be from the middle. Now, Conservative governor of Texas Rick Perry is breaking through that perception.

Gallup released a poll today that shows Perry taking 29% of the Republican vote. Mitt Romney drops to just 17%, Bachmann at 13%, Ron Paul 10% and rest in single digits. His new found double-digit lead serves as proof that despite the attacks by both Democrats and Republicans, he is a serious and viable candidate.

The left sees the threat that Rick Perry represents and has gone on the attack. Some in the Republican party are even trying to create the perception that Perry is unelectable because he is too Conservative – the exact argument that establishment Republicans used against Ronald Reagan. This poll demonstrates that his campaign is running strong in spite, or perhaps because of, the negative attention in the media.

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