A Bizarre Marriage Of Ideals: Reviewing the GOP Debate

Tonight was the next installment in a series of  televised GOP Presidential Debates.

Oddly enough, the debate itself was a very bizarre marriage of ideals. It was held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library, and sponsored by NBC News, parent company of the extreme left network MSNBC,  on which it was televised.  This partnership is not one you often think of.

This fact alone is more than likely the reason Jon Huntsman, Jr. received the amount of  time he received tonight.

Someone forgot to tell Jon Huntsman, Jr. that this was the REPUBLICAN debate, not the Democrat debate. However, it is doubtful he would have understood, if he had been told, given the fact he is running on the GOP ticket. The best advise his campaign could give him right now is to change the (R) behind his name to (D). The rumor is that Democrats are not too happy with President Obama right now, so maybe Jon Huntsman should consider making it official and just change parties. His ideals most certainly do not meet the Conservative standards.

To support this fact, Mr. Huntsman had more TV time in tonight’s debate than some of the other candidates who actually are ranking high in some of the polls. The obvious goal of the liberal MSNBC network tonight was to make Mr. Huntsman appear as though he truly has a chance in this race. The reality is he is completely delusional to think he is taken seriously by anyone, much less that he has any chance at all of winning the nomination.

Texas Governor Rick Perry made his debut on the debate stage, and by many accounts was hailed as tonight’s winner. He stood strong in his stance that Social Security is a ponzi scheme, to which Herman Cain suggested the Chilean model as an example of how to go about actually fixing the problem of Social Security, rather than just talking about it.

Rick Santorum was on the stage, but was more like a reminder that kept popping up than a serious challenger in the debate. With a few answers to the obligatory question or two thrown his way, he made some good points, but you often forgot he is was there, much less still in the race.

Mitt Romney actually faced up to Romneycare, rather than running from it. That’s about all that is worth mentioning from his podium, other than the fact that he made sure to point out he thinks President Obama is “a nice guy”, though he doesn’t agree with his leadership decisions.

Michele Bachmann appears to have lost her momentum, not having a “defining moment” in the evening.

Ron Paul was, well- Ron Paul. There is no question where Ron Paul stands on the issues. We know his voting record- he never waivers. While he has many good points, the “kooky” side of him tends to overpower the sane side of his argument.

The best moment of the debate came from Newt Gingrich, surprisingly. When asked by John Harris who, between the two governors- Perry and Gingrich- has the better end of the argument on the health-care issue, Mr. Gingrich replied:

Well, I’m frankly not interested in your effort to get Republicans fighting each other.

After much applause from the audience, and Mr. Harris trying- without success to shut Mr. Gingrich down, the former Speaker of The House went on to point out the overwhelming failure of President Obama. Mr. Gingrich closed by acknowledging the fact that he had more time, saying:

I for one, and I hope all of my friends up here, going to repudiate every effort of the news media to get Republicans to fight each other to protect Barack Obama who deserves to be defeated. And all of us are committed as a team, whoever the nominee is, we are all for defeating Barack Obama.

One thing is for certain: the next 15 months are going to be interesting indeed! The main stream media will most certainly make every effort to cause fighting among the GOP candidates. While they may be disillusioned with Obama, you can be certain they will never cast their vote for a Republican!

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at www.AmericanMillenniumOnline.com

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One Comment

  1. I didn’t watch the debates. I’m not going to watch the debates as long as these people are our only choices, because I haven’t seen the candidate I want on the Presidential scene yet. And no, it’s not Sarah Palin that I’m waiting on. I’ll tell you who it is that I want to run for President and that is Marco Rubio. I believe his ideas are most in line with mine as what I think is the kind of person I would want as President, but I don’t think he’s running, but who knows. If it looks like the GOP field is weakening, as Rick Perry’s anti-American sovereignty has been revealed yet, and how he believes that we ought to give all Mexican’s the opportunity to come to this country, because after all, can you imagine how hard it would be to get all the Mexican’s out of Texas who are illegal? Also to, Rick Perry is real good friends with the Bush’s, and was supported by the Bush’s in his election as Governor to take George W.’s place after he ran for President. Perry offers free college tuition to the kids of illegal aliens, which is exactly what the Dream Act does, and is what Obama authorized in his Presidential Directive before he went on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. Perry has some real bad beliefs in things that I don’t know any Tea Party member who would support that position. He may be a closet global warming supporter after what I heard from some about how he stumbled last night when Huntsman put to him the lie that 98% of all scientists believe in man made global warming, and what did Perry think about that.

    I’ll tell you right now, that is the reason why I would never vote for Romney is because he IS a supporter of man made global warming which means he is a supporter of Maurice Strong and the U.N.’s world tax to pay for carbon credits because of the use of fossil fuels and petroleum products in other energy production. Maurice Strong is the man behind the scenes who is forcing America to pay $3.65 a gallon of gas, and behind Obama’s refusal to allow any more drilling.

    Rubio also understands that importance of the enforcement of our immigration laws, and supports Arizona’s efforts to rid itself of illegals. What has Perry done? It was Texas that was chosen by Bush to build the superhighway for the North American Union that is down there now at Lareado. Perry has shut down the building of this super monster but it was not before huge opposition from the public. I wouldn’t put it past him if he would take any opportunity to restart construction on it so that Mexican’s could have themselves a better way to walk into our country. I can’t express how strongly I am against any and all efforts, and policies that allow illegal Mexican aliens to remain, or sneak into our country. Perry doesn’t believe that what is the double fence down on the border that he calls a “wall”, “would do any good to stop Mexican’s”, coming into this country!

    All I can say about that is, YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING??! Anyone who can see that at least the fence down there, that you can see for yourself on the internet, would do no good to stop Mexican’s from coming into the country?? It IS stopping Mexican’s from coming into this country because it, at least, is better than nothing like Perry would want it. Perry would be a detriment to our sovereignty and our security. At least Rubio understands that it’s not, “the poor, suffering Mexican people who need the opportunity for a better life for themselves”, like Bush believes. I agree with the part of Bush’s statement that people do need the opportunity to provide a better life for themselves, but everyone accepts the fact that there are rules that everyone must follow. It’s because illegal Mexican aliens don’t give a damn about our laws, or sovereignty, or our culture, nor do they plan on becoming American’s. They don’t give a damn about us as a people. And don’t give me this crap about how desperate these people are. They can’t be that desperate because they were able to come up with the thousands of dollars it took to pay the mules to bring them here and they were able to find jobs right after they came here. So they can’t be to desperate. I know what being desperate is, been there, done that. But I never believed that stealing myself into another country just so I could find a job so that I could send money back to my family so they could have a better life for themselves, but screw what happens to American’s who need those jobs worse than these Mexican’s do. If I had the money to do what these people do to get here, I would have enough money to move to another, larger Mexican city where there is work they could do, and do the same thing they are doing here.

    As a matter of fact what is Perry doing about the environmentalists out in West Texas who are stopping the drilling for oil? Has he run the environmentalists off and given the protection the oil company needs, so they can provide America with the oil reserves it needs, in order to drive the price of gasoline down, so we can get ourselves out of this economic dilima? No. He has done nothing. And this is the problem with why we can’t stop environmentalist every time they get in the way of America in it’s effort to make itself self sufficient and powerful again. The only reason why environmentalists get their way is because no one will life a finger to oppose them, with their own judges and lawyers. Yeah, the environmentalist have a lot of financial support, like Maurice Strong and his minions with millions of dollars. They can be defeated by standing up to the judges who have to answer to the people who put them behind the bench, the same people can remove them by empeaching them, and they can. It has been proven in several states that liberal judges can be recalled by the people who voted them in office and then have them empeached and thrown out. That works very well to put the fear of God in these judges who think they are God.

    None of these characters on stage last night have the balls to go up against Obama and beat him. I’m like most all American’s, I’ll know him when I see him as who I’m going to vote for. I swore after voting for McCain that I will never do that again. I just won’t vote if the candidate I want is not on the ballot.

    If you vote for the least of two evils, you have voted for evil anyway.

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