Jon Huntsman Diagnosis: Delusional

The definition of delusional is: “a false belief held with absolute conviction despite superior evidence.”  

This diagnosis, without a doubt, is accurate for presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, Jr.

From the first moment of his official announcement that he would be running for president on the Republican ticket, the possibility of him winning the nomination has been laughable. Let’s take a look at the evidence against the former governor of Utah, which supports such an extreme diagnosis.

From the moment his name was floated as a serious possible candidate, one of the biggest hurdles he faced was the position he held at the time. On August 11, 2009, he resigned from his position as the governor of Utah to accept an appointment by President Obama as the United States Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.

He submitted his formal resignation as Ambassador to China on January 31 of this year, and he officially stepped down from the position on April 30. On June 21, he made the formal announcement the he was running for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2012 election.

Since his announcement, Mr. Huntsman has tried to distance himself from the fact that he was part of the current administration. He came out critiscizing Obama’s economic policy, saying it has “failed” and is “in conflict with what he communicated to us in 2009.”

However, David Axelrod, who is now serving on President Obama’s reelection campaign, recently appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union”, and disputes Jon Huntsman’s “conviction” against the president’s policy.  Mr. Axelrod is quite likely more accurate about the situation, when, while discussing a 2009 trip to China, he said :

“If Jon Huntsman disagreed with President Barack Obama’s economic policy, he never voiced it during his time in the administration. If he had suggestions on the economy, he had an excellent opportunity to suggest them then, where we were all together in China. What has changed is not his view of the economy, but his view of his own chances to, perhaps, win the [Republican presidential] nomination. I understand. That’s politics. He’s a politician, and he sees an opportunity.”

President Obama & Jon Huntsman- Photo by Charles Dharapak/AP

Mr. Axelrod is correct: this is politics. Mr. Huntsman is a politician who “sees” an opportunity. Take whatever opportunity you can if it benefits you or advancing your political agenda or your political career. While this is something the American populace has become quite accustomed to: politics as usual, we are also tired of the political games.

Mr. Axelrod went on to discuss other issues that Mr. Huntsman appears to agree with, regarding the Obama policy, saying:

“He was encouraging on health care. He was encouraging on the whole range of issues. He was a little quizzical about what was going on in his own party. And you got the strong sense that he was going to wait until 2016 for the storm to blow over.”

Mr. Huntsman may be trying to distance himself from the current administration in his political games, but his own words of admiration for the very president he now “speaks out against”  has come back to haunt him. In April of this year, a handwritten letter was leaked to the Daily Caller’s Jonathan Strong.  In Governor Huntsman’s own handwriting, he praised the president, writing:

“You are a remarkable leader. It has been a great honor getting to know you.”

In keeping true to the intent of Mr. Huntsman, the actual word “remarkable” was underlined in the handwritten letter just as is depicted in this article. It would be quite difficult for the former governor to imply that it was just a formality , as he made sure to emphasize the depth of his approval for the president by underlining the word “remarkable”, and, the letter was handwritten.

He wrote two other letters- one to former President Clinton, the other to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, where he praised the two of them as well.

Another piece of evidence to add to the argument that Mr. Huntsman is delusional is the recent tweets from his Twitter account, in an apparent back-handed jab at presidential candidate Rick Perry. Governor Perry voiced the fact that he is skeptical of the role humans play in climate change, as well as his view that there are “gaps” in the theory of evolution. In “response” to Governor Perry’s stance, Mr. Huntsman sent out a tweet which read:

“To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”

OK, Mr. Huntsman, as you wish. You are crazy. Hence, the delusional diagnosis. You most certainly have a false sense of belief that you could ever be the Republican presidential nominee when the evidence is stacked very high against you that you hold any of the values that are most important to Conservatives. Your absolute conviction despite the enormous evidence against you fits the diagnosis of delusional quite perfectly. Do you not realize that you are running on the Republican ticket, not the Democrat ticket?  Sir- with as much respect as can be mustered at this point, the majority of Republicans, Conservatives, and Tea Party folks agree with Governor Perry on one thing, even if they disagree with him on many others. Most of us do not buy into man-made climate change. Yes, we know the earth goes through cycles of climate change. It’s the way God set things up way back in the beginning of time. But, sir- again, as respectfully as possible I say to you- man-made global warming/climate change or whatever new name the progressives care to repackage it the next time around- it’s a money-making scheme! All the proof you need is the father of the global warming/climate change movement himself, Al Gore. If you are at all serious about this whole presidential candidacy thingy you’ve got going here, sending out tweets about believing in evolution and global warming would suit you better if you switched to the more appropriate Democrat ticket. I’m sure the Democrats would be quite pleased to have another option, as many are quite unhappy with the president you felt was doing a “remarkable” job.

Today, on CBS’ “Face the Nation”, Mr. Hunstman said that “the early polls are absolute nonsense at this point in the game.” He may be right when looking at the big picture, but when it comes to looking in the mirror he needs to face reality: he is delusional to think he would ever be the Republican presidential nominee. That is reality, no matter how the polls look.



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