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Are We On The Eve Of Destruction Again?

During the 60’s protest singer Barry McGuire came out with a hit song called “The Eve of Destruction” describing all the apocalyptic world happenings at the time. Could it be we are there again with what is happening now between us and North Korea, Iran and Russia? President Trump inherited the North Korean issue, but instead CNN, who hated Trump ...

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Judiciary Committee calls for Special Counsel on Comey, Lynch, Clinton

James Comey looking down

The House Judiciary Committee Republicans sent a letter Thursday evening to Attorney General Jeff Sessions requesting a new special counsel to be appointed to look into James Comey, Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton‘s misconduct during the campaign and afterward. #BREAKING: @HouseJudiciary Call for 2nd Special Counsel to Address Issues Outside Scope of Mueller’s Investigationhttps://t.co/UedRHl5IZG — House Judiciary ⚖ (@HouseJudiciary) July ...

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Finally, The Worm Turns

Lynch and Comey

At last, the real political criminals, the American Democrat Party, are getting their clocks cleaned. For example: 1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had her computer impounded by police as part of an investigation into all kinds of crimes she was a party to the last two years. 2. The Golden Showers dossier, put in place by the FBI and presented as ...

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Report: FBI releases 7,000 documents related to Hillary email case

Hillary emails

The FBI released to the State Department 7,000 new documents from Anthony Weiner‘s laptop, but public release of them is still months or perhaps years away. Judicial Watch is suing the State Department over their Freedom of Information Act request demanding Hillary Clinton emails from her tenure at State. During a hearing Thursday, the existence of the 7,000 new documents ...

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Ukranian Collusion – The Double Standard of the Left!!!

The fake news story about Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia has been going nowhere and a new investigation is shining a light on a Democrat who has more ties to Ukraine. DNC official Alexandra Chalupa worked with Ukranian officials and the Clinton campaign to hurt Donald Trump. Chalupa met with Ukranian officials at the Ukranian embassy but afterward denied working for ...

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“Gde Myaso?” Russian for Where’s the Beef?

Political campaigns are full of liars and fabulists. From the candidate who promises to repeal Obamacare root–and–branch, to the volunteer who lies about how many doors he knocked, campaigns attract people who are, as Mark Twain observed, “Economical with the truth.” I know because I spent almost 40 years working in elections all over the US and in a handful ...

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Hillary Clinton Looks to Play a Big Part in 2018 Midterm Elections

As if Democrats don’t have enough problems following the collapse of their entire 2018 strategy of conspiracy mongering, a familiar friend is planning to “help” candidates next year in the 2018 midterm elections. Bitter and delusional loser Hillary Clinton is planning to play a key role in the Dems’ drive to retake their congressional majority next November. Despite being drubbed ...

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Democrats Are Turning On Obama

Barack Obama is getting criticized by his own party for his failure to recognize and eliminate Russian interference in the 2016 election. It was the infallible Obama who was informed early on of Russian hacking and he did nothing to stop.  He thought that Hillary would become president and he would let her take care of Vladimir Putin following her ...

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