The Makings of Men: Obama and Perry

If the latest polls are any sign, Perry is likely to be the GOP selection to run for President in 2012 against Barack Obama. How do they stack up against each other?

Political Career:

Rick Perry: Most re-elected governor of Texas – 3 terms. Before that: elected to the state House of Representatives, agriculture commissioner and lieutenant governor

Barack Obama: 1/2 term as Illinois Senator, about to be a one-term president.


Rick Perry: Didn’t screw up a vibrant Texas economy – governed over the state that had the largest number of private sector jobs created during the recession.

Obama: Governed over a worsening economy, spent trillions, grew the government to an unsustainable size, pushed healthcare further from a solution and more towards government control, went on vacation..a lot, killed Osama bin Laden, the surge in Afghanistan, attacked Libya, took over GM.

Young Adulthood:

Rick Perry: Served his country as an Air Force pilot

Obama: Went to a lot of school, got a law degree, all without writing a single paper.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Hi,

    I stumbled upon this newspaper, and it reminds me of Fox News. Most people don’t realize that Fox News is part of News Corp, which is in international media giant run by an Australian.. Ruppert Murdoch (or Murdoch Family).
    It’s a business and they know how to provide half-truths mixed in with facts.. at the end of the day it’s ratings.
    No one will watch if people agree.. agreement is boring… goodness is boring.. conflict and fear keeps you watching!

    Now, the GOP is willing to elect a Mormon (not Christian) versus someone who has publically proclaimed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Our president has publically proclaimed Jesus Christ as his savior.. have you? Has Romney.. Hunstman. Now, people get caught up in secular or man made things like the GOP or DNC or politics, but don’t realize it’s man made (remember Book of Matthews and Cesear?). Remember Christians, president is your brother in Christ.. th politics is secular. If he goes done for providing healthcare to the sick and wounded then it reminds me of love one another AND to much is given much is expected.

    Perry is a Corporate guy hiding behind the flag

    1. Obama is NOT a Christian. I find it hard to believe that a true Christian would believe Obama is one. 1st, Obama said there is more than one way to Heaven, yet Christ said “No one gets to the Father but through Me”. 2nd, Obama went to a RACIST “Church”, not a Christian church. 3rd, he is a fantastic liar (you are evidence of that). 4th, as a Christian, you would know that the devil wears sheeps clothing……. anyway I can go on and on but if you haven’t seen the lie yet, you probably won’t. Obama is the worst president this country has ever seen, On another note, the above article was about Rick Perry, not Romeny, Romeny is the mormon. But who cares? Being Christian is not a requirement for being President, just a bonus. Perry is not afraid to pray and share his faith, has Obama? Didn’t think so. Also, Romney would be a great candidate for the economy, being a self-made billionaire, who btw also graduated from Harvard, like your boy Obama. Anyway, anyone is better than Obama, except Oprah of course, she’s his top advisor.

  2. Sept.6,2011 – 10:48 AM
    Would like to comment first on ‘ GoWest ‘ —- The comments right at the top and on cue —-FOX NEW! An organization run by ………….. etc., etc., and then the MOST TELLING OF THIS WRITERS’ KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT AND WHO SUCH ORGANIZATIONS ARE!!! ‘ it’s a business and (they) know how to combine (half truths with facts) ‘ ! Please ‘GoWest’ , come back and now define for us just exactly what the other news organizations are! Are they a ‘ business ‘ —- are they owned by a family —- are they there to present half truths with facts ??? Shall we name a few ——— NBC, CBS,ABC,MSNBC,CNN, PBS, ! Do all these entities report JUST THE FACTS ??? Do all these entities report JUST HALF TRUTHS??? Now, here is a question for you to ponder! ‘ Is media, especially TV media biased in its reporting of the ‘ NEWS’ ???? And, one final question: Do you know the difference between ‘ NEWS/ I.E. REPORTING , WHAT IS SO– CALLED NEWS —- AND WHAT IS OPINION DISCUSSION — IN THE NEWS MEDIA ‘ ???? May I humbly suggest that you take one night each week and watch the news exclusively form one of each of the above mentioned news media outlets, which does include, FOX NEWS! That would give you 7 nights of journalism at its BEST – oops – “best news casting” went away prior to the 1960’s – but participating intelligently this way would help you focus more on what is being ‘ touted as news’ and ‘ what is being touted as opinion ‘ ! In other words, you will be able to get a feel for what ALL NEWS OUTLETS ARE REPORTING/SAYING!! Good luck, if you wish to take the challenge!!! Now to your woefully inadequate understanding ( in my opinion, of course ) of what Mr. Obama has done to healthcare for you and for me and for all Americans! He has set this country on a Socialized Medicine Course which will give you, and me, LITTLE, IF ANY CHOICE IN WHOM WE CHOOSE TO TREAT OUR HEALTH NEEDS AND IN WHAT THOSE WAYS OF TREATING US WILL BE! Think ‘ older citizens and young children here ‘ !!!! Surely you can see that!!!! Having a Federal Government so large as to provide health care to its citizens is the final nail in the coffin of those who love Freedom, and yes, the final nail in the coffin of those who love ( as you ??? seem to love Jesus Christ ) – but you seem to be under some delusional impression that Mr. Obama is also a ‘Jesus Christ Christian ‘ ! HE IS NOT! Whatever his religion, and his actions clearly imply that he is a believe in Islam and is a Muslim! I cannot, of course, prove this and I would not be interested in trying — – I doubt that any ‘ ordinary American such as you and I who are not paying much attention to politics, as we are too busy to deal with such, and that we are to leave such matters to those we ELECT TO TAKE CARE OF SUCH MATTERS FOR US ‘—– Oh, I’m sorry, forgive me —- I just got carried away there —– and repeated some of Mr. Obama’s very words which he ‘ relayed ‘ to American citizens THIS YEAR, YES, 2011!!!! And, if you profess to be a Christian believer, is that the ONLY BELIEF YOU WOULD WANT THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES TO PROFESS? How about a Jew, a Morman, a Catholic Christian, etc., etc. ! Are YOU BIASED IN THAT REGARD? And to, ‘ you can’t be serious ‘ !!!! Mr. Obama HAS SURROUNDED HIMSELF BY WELL KNOWN RADICALS WHO WISH TO DO HARM, NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA! A greater majority now, than ever before, is realizing what is happening / has happened in Washington DC! We see our beloved country being dismantled right before our very eyes and we are trying, desperately, as citizens, one by one and in groups to make our voices heard! Just yesterday, for example, ” Jimmy Hoffa calling the TEA PARTY so— – b——-s and saying they, the unions, his unions, were ready to fight, that Hoffa and ‘ his ‘ unions ‘ were Obama’s army and that they were there to fight – they like a good fight and they were going to win that war” !!!! Can you imagine the president of the United States, Barack H. Obama said not one word in the way of repudiation at Mr. Hoffa’s comments —- rather, Mr. Obama came on stage and did his speech with accolades for Mr. Hoffa! Remember Mr. Obama in January of this year making his speech after the shooting of Gabby Giffords, ‘ we need to address each other with civil language ‘ treat all parties with respect, etc., etc. ! Seems Mr. Obama has a short memory! What is to become of our country? Will we ever be able to regain the momentum and the courage and strength to turn America around, and BACK, TO WHAT OUR FOUNDING FATHERS ENVISIONED! A wonderful city on a hill, and a country representing freedom and liberty for all?

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