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Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Scheming Your Fantasy Football Draft

With just over a month to go until the opening of NFL training camps it’s time to start thinking about football again. We are currently in the dead zone of professional sports. The NHL and NBA just wrapped up their years and handed out the trophies and it’s still early in the baseball season. Otherwise there is golf, tennis, NASCAR ...

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Justice Department Issues Mysterious Statement on Anonymous Sources

There is much consternation this morning with the chattering classes in the media after a strange and unprecedented message from the Department of Justice warning about what can only be described as the epidemic of fake news. Late Thursday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein released the following statement: Americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to ...

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Florida Woman Stole City Funds to Pay For Brazilian Butt Lift

The stupidity of the criminally inclined often knows no bounds but an amusing story out of Gainesville, Florida is a real doozy. The landlocked city of Gainesville’s main claim to fame is that it is the home of the SEC’s Florida Gators but 33-year-old Natwaina Clark may put the college town on the map due to her pilfering of funds from ...

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Obscene Threatening Letters Sent to GOP Candidate’s Neighbors in Georgia 6th District

In another ugly development that shows that the political situation in the nation has been irreparably damaged, someone has sent threatening letters containing white powder and a profanity laced screed to neighbors of one of the candidates in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. The district is ground zero of a high-stakes special election that the Democrats and their money people have ...

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ANTIFA Fanatic Attacks Police Horse With Spiked Club

Absent of condemnation from Democratic Party leaders, marauding leftist goose-steppers are taking to the streets to shut down rallies that don’t fit their narrow-minded worldview. The attacks by the Alt-Left and specifically extremist/domestic terrorist group ANTIFA are becoming increasingly violent and it’s only a matter of time until someone gets killed. The latest disgusting incident of menacing leftist goons acting ...

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Cleveland Browns Top Draft Pick is Already Injured

The Cleveland Browns just can’t catch a break. The long-suffering NFL franchise seemed to finally be working to right the ship after years spent rudderless and lost in the purgatory of last place finishes. Much-maligned quarterback Brock Osweiler – an offseason acquisition via trade – has been impressing the coaching staff and may be able to stabilize a position that ...

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New Poll Could Spell Trouble for Democrat Ossoff in Georgia Special Election

Democratic Party hopes of manufacturing a narrative that voters have turned against President Donald Trump is currently hanging by a thread in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. Last week Democrats celebrated as an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll showed inept and inexperienced Star Wars geek Jon Ossoff roaring out to a seven-point lead over GOP opponent Karen Handel. The left’s pouring of millions ...

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Golden State Warriors Win NBA Championship

The Golden State Warriors bounced back from an ugly game in Cleveland last week to win the NBA Finals on Monday night before an ecstatic home crowd. Kevin Durant had 39 points and Stephen Curry had 34 as the Warriors prevailed by a score of 129-120. Champions. pic.twitter.com/y7ZsiMF9ES — ESPN (@espn) June 13, 2017 Despite being pulverized on Friday, the ...

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Vengeful Refrigerator Strikes Back After Being Used for Target Practice

A man who was using an explosive packed refrigerator for target practice is lucky to be alive today after the refrigerator stuck back. According to reports, the fridge was loaded with the substance Tannerite which is an explosive that is normally used for such things but the marksman wasn’t prepared for what happened next (some profanity in video): Guy shoots ...

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Corporations Yank Sponsorship of Play Depicting Assassination of President Trump

The left has been getting away with promoting violence against President Donald Trump in an unprecedented manner and it’s beginning to manifest itself in popular culture. Normally even implied threats that threaten the POTUS are considered a serious matter and merit investigation from the U.S. Secret Service. But liberals are pushing the envelope these days with rappers, actors, comedians and ...

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Pittsburgh Penguins Repeat as Stanley Cup Champions

The Pittsburgh Penguins have become the first repeat NHL champions in two decades after eking out a narrow win on in Nashville on Sunday night. In a game that was a defensive struggle that was tied at zero until late into the third period, the Penguins managed to finally get a puck past Predators goalie Pekka Rinne as time ran ...

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Three Things to Watch in Sports on Monday

1: Game five of the NBA Finals will take place at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. The home Golden State Warriors have a chance to finish it off and collect their trophy after failing to close out the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday. The Cavs played as if they were possessed by demons, roaring out to a huge first quarter league ...

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Road Paved with Clamshells Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

Some residents of Tiverton, Rhode Island have been confronted with an unpleasant and smelly surprise. A property owner decided to pave an access road but instead of asphalt or crushed rocks, he used clamshells as paving material. However, the clamshells had not been properly cleaned and the residual meat inside soon began to rot resulting in a noxious odor that ...

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