Washington Post Makes Excuses for Clearly Senile John McCain

It’s starting to become abundantly clear that Senator John McCain is losing his marbles as he drifts into the fog of senility.

The octogenarian warhorse is way past due for his journey to the glue factory but a savvy public relations team and the sycophants in the media have been able to spin McCain’s deterioration into something that is not based in reality.

A few months ago, McCain raised eyebrows when he launched into a tirade on the Senate floor accusing Rand Paul of working for Vladimir Putin after Paul’s opposition to the absorption of Montenegro into NATO.

While Montenegro eventually was admitted – putting the American people on the hook for a potential nuclear war over a crappy little country that according to the CIA World Factbook is sligthly smaller than Connecticut – McCain is continuing his downward trajectory and it’s picking up speed.

The newest low was the Arizonan’s befuddling performance during Thursday’s Senate Intelligence Committee lovefest for former FBI Director James Comey.

Considering the warmongering fanatic’s pivotal role in passing off the discredited 35-page PeeGate dossier to Comey in order to set the wheels in motion for surveillance against President Donald Trump and his associates, one would think that the old goat would show up full of piss and vinegar for the hearing.

Instead, McCain provided a shining example of why he no longer belongs in the U.S. Senate but rather in a nursing home where he can be properly cared for when he drools all over himself.

It was an embarrassing and inexplicable turn of events and McCain tried to explain away his senility as the result of staying up late to watch baseball.

Leave it to the Washington Post to provide an excuse for McCain though, he has been traveling many a mile to serve his country and was just plum pooped out.

According to the WAPO “One explanation for McCain’s grogginess: a 75,000-mile itinerary as ‘shadow’ diplomat”:

Maybe this is why Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) seemed a bit groggy during Thursday’s high-profile congressional hearing: He had spent the previous week on the other side of the world, hop-scotching his away around the Pacific trying to reassure allies that the U.S. government remains in their corner.

It’s a role McCain has long played, but it’s taken on a more serious tenor in the era of President Trump. Already this year, the senator has logged more than 75,000 miles to more than 15 nations across three continents, according to his staff.

McCain’s journeys to those far-flung places also drains the octogenarian — and it is beginning to show when he returns to the Capitol. He won’t publicly admit this, but some friends suspect his awkward performance at the Intelligence Committee’s hearing with James B. Comey, the fired FBI director, could be traced to McCain’s near-constant global travels whenever Congress takes a break.

Something seemed off about McCain on Thursday, and social media took notice (even Fox News blasted a headline, “Partisans agree … McCain was confusing”). McCain tried to ask Comey questions about how he got fired and how he made the decision last year to close the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information while she served as secretary of state.

At times, it seemed as if the 2008 Republican presidential nominee was equating the two investigations — one that was closed almost a year ago, and another that seems to still be expanding. The line of questioning seemed to many to be an attempt to defend Trump.

Diplomat is however not the appropriate term for what McCain is actually doing on his foreign trips.

That certainly is not the role McCain is playing around the world.

More aptly, McCain is serving as a shadow secretary of state, trying to clean up or refute statements and positions that Trump has made.

The term “shadow secretary of state” should alarm those who still believe in constitutional government.

McCain has been acting more like a shadow president as he goes gallivanting abroad from country to country assisting with regime change operations that have long amounted to a shadow U.S. foreign policy.

Whether it be schmoozing with jihadists in Syria or palling around with neo-Nazis in Ukraine, McCain has been a busy man as he works to keep the wars going and presumably, profits flowing in to arms manufacturers.

It’s probably inevitable that Louise Mensch or some other leftist whacko will soon come out with a conspiracy theory that Putin ordered one of the tens of millions of U.S. based Russian sleeper agents (translation: Trump voters) to pour polonium or another substance into McCain’s oatmeal to explain away the senator’s senility.

He also was just cited by a foreign publication stating that former president Barack Obama’s leadership was far better than that of his nemesis President Donald Trump’s, another disgusting breach of decorum across the pond from a man who should know better.

The truth is that McCain should have been term-limited long ago since the voters in Arizona continue to stick it to the rest of the country and the rest of the planet. That he was just reelected to his sixth term at his age is as incomprehensible as his ability to shape the larger agenda and lord it over U.S. foreign policy.

If and when Trump is able to extricate himself from the unfolding Deep State coup against him, he could run for reelection in 2020 by pushing a Constitutional amendment to term limit the bastards. That would solve a good chunk of the problems in Congress very quickly although McCain won’t go until they haul his corpse out of the Senate on a gurney.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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  1. John McCain should have retired years ago. His globetrotting junkets with first class everything is like a drug for these senators. They revel in the attention and special treatment they get as guests of country’s all over the world. McCain is out of his depths intellectually amd can hardly follow complicated issues anymore. He should retire and step down. His daughter should tell him that is becoming VERY obvious to everyone but himself.

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