Road Paved with Clamshells Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

Some residents of Tiverton, Rhode Island have been confronted with an unpleasant and smelly surprise.

A property owner decided to pave an access road but instead of asphalt or crushed rocks, he used clamshells as paving material.

However, the clamshells had not been properly cleaned and the residual meat inside soon began to rot resulting in a noxious odor that at least one neighbor has compared to rotting corpses.

In addition to the smell, the road has attracted a swarm of maggots that are feeding on the meat.

According to Providence NBC affiliate WJAR-TV “Neighbors make a stink about road paved with clamshells”:

Some residents of Tiverton have been dealing with the terrible smell of decaying shellfish for days now.

An access road located just off 3118 Main Road is what has neighbors holding their noses and shaking their fists at the property owner.

The smell is coming from clamshells that were allegedly laid down on the property a week ago.

Neighbors said the owner is using the shells to build the access road to his farm. But they say he used unwashed clams.

Some clam meat is visible and maggots are starting to feed on it.

Tiverton police and the state Department of Environmental Management told NBC 10 News that they are investigating.

But in the meantime, neighbors have to live with the nauseating sight and smell.

“Some parts still has the meat, so now it’s decaying. It’s like bodies decaying. So, you’ve got about a million bodies decaying,” said Sharon Moore, who lives next door.

Compounding matters is that is early June and the heat of the summer is coming. It’s a pretty nasty situation for anyone within smelling distance and according to reports, the owner is unresponsive.

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