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Customer’s Amazon Order Contains a BONUS: 65 Pounds of Marijuana

Despite the leftist politics of its Trump hating CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon is still a great choice when you need something quick, cheap and don’t want to deal with the hassles of shopping at stores. In the case of an Orlando, FL customer, the order came with an unexpected bonus – 65 pounds of weed – that was inside the ...

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Nine-Year-Old Child Crushed After 325-Pound Adult Sits on Her as Punishment

In another one of those stories that show that truth is stranger than fiction, a Florida woman has been arrested for murdering her nine-year-old cousin by sitting on her. The death occurred when 64-year-old Veronica Green Posey – who is morbidly obese  – was in the process of disciplining 9-year-old Dericka Lindsay and decided that it would be a good ...

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Kids Need to Beware of Creepy Crawlers When Trying on Halloween Costumes in Stores

With Halloween rapidly approaching, a cautionary warning about trying on costumes in retail stores has been made about the possibility of being exposed to some really creepy critters. Head LICE. That’s right. Those off the shelf hats and masks that your kiddies may be sizing up have likely been similarly tried on by dozens if not hundreds of others. No ...

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Michigan Duo Busted for Pimping Out Disabled Woman They Kept in Shed

Never underestimate the ability of really disgusting human beings to exploit the weakness of others in order to get over and try to make a quick buck. That is the case with a bizarre story out of the greater Detroit area after authorities arrested a charming Macomb County couple on human trafficking charges for pimping out a disabled woman that ...

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The Juice Reportedly Seeks Bunny Ranch Romp with Hooker Resembling Murdered Ex-Wife

Now that the “Juice” is finally loose, he is looking to score some real action how that he no longer has to take matters into his own hands – so to speak. Former NFL superstar running back, actor and suspected murderer Orenthal James Simpson or as he is more famously known – O.J. – is easing his way back into ...

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New York Police Operation Ends Side Career of Mickey D’s Night Manager

New York narcotics officers successfully completed “Operation Off the Menu” when they made the pinch on a McDonald’s night manager who was using his job to cover up his activities as a drug dealer. Authorities arrested 26-year-old Frank Guerrero after mounting a three-month undercover sting operation. Guerrero was mixing cocaine in with Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, French Fries and other ...

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Man Gets Knuckle Sandwich After Bursting in On Masturbating Wife

A Florida man received a shot to the kisser after barging into his wife’s room after hearing her moaning in what could only be described as sexual delight. 43-year-old Garrett Higgs and his 42-year-old spouse Flavia’s marriage was on the rocks and both were living in separate rooms in their Port St. Lucie home when the incident occurred. Mr. Higgs ...

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Oklahoma Lesbian Couple Sentenced to 20 Years for Beating and Torturing Child

A same-sex female couple from Muskogee, Oklahoma who were arrested last year after viciously and systematically beating and torturing a five-year-old over a prolonged period of time had their day in court and it didn’t end up well for either of them. The young boy’s mother, 29-year-old Rachel Stevens and her 26-year-old lesbian sack-buddy who referred to herself as the ...

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Red Lobster Customer Makes Bomb Joke to Hostess, Guess WHAT She Brings Him

It’s inconceivable that someone could be so stupid as to go into a crowded restaurant and make a joke about the Taliban and a bomb in consideration of all of the carnage in Europe but that is exactly what a nitwit in Florida did. A 50-year-old man dropped by a local Red Lobster for a bite to eat and reportedly ...

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All Trick, No Treat: Man Arrested After Urinating on $600 Worth of Halloween Candy

The criminal mind is a strange thing and those with inclinations to run on the wrong side of the law have even stranger motivations for the acts that they commit. That is certainly the case with a creepy looking dude who managed to make his way into the storage room at a Kohls store in Toledo, Ohio where he sought ...

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Nutty Professor to Allow Snowflake Students to Pick Their Own Grades

The latest signal that the liberal occupation of the nation’s college campuses has charted a course destined for “Idiocracy”, a Georgia professor has a novel new idea on how to prevent his precious little snowflakes to avoid being triggered. In an unbelievable report, a University of Georgia business teacher is prepared to allow his students to assign themselves their own ...

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Is Classic Rock Band Journey Headed for a Trump Divorce?

The next big thing for lawyers in America is what are being referred to as “Trump divorces” where once passionate couples saw their relationships wrecked by the divisive, scorched-earth campaign run by the fanatical demagogue Hillary Clinton and the 24/7 media onslaught against President Donald Trump. But it’s not only couples who are being affected and classic rock band Journey’s ...

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Charming Ohio Couple Arrested Over Gruesome Contents of Freezer

In a bizarre tale out of Youngstown, Ohio, a man and his significant other have been arrested on the charge that they were storing the remains of his former girlfriend in a freezer. 31-year-old Arturo Novoa’s girlfriend went missing in mid-February, shortly before his new squeeze 34-year-old Katrina Layton moved in and began using the missing woman’s car, cellphone and ...

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Company to Offer New York Women a Chance to Give $150 Vibrator a Free Test Drive

The same British company that last year sponsored a promotion for New York City men to relieve stress by offering them on-street masturbation booths has another product rollout planned for next weekend. The GuyFi marketing project caused a minor furor on the internet resulting in good publicity for the sex toy company. So much so that Hot Octopuss is welcoming ...

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