Is Classic Rock Band Journey Headed for a Trump Divorce?

The next big thing for lawyers in America is what are being referred to as “Trump divorces” where once passionate couples saw their relationships wrecked by the divisive, scorched-earth campaign run by the fanatical demagogue Hillary Clinton and the 24/7 media onslaught against President Donald Trump.

But it’s not only couples who are being affected and classic rock band Journey’s relationship may be on the rocks after three members of the group dared to visit the Trump White House.

Founding member Neal Schon, the guitarist whose solos have long been the heart and soul of the band’s work is reportedly royally pissed following the pilgrimage to Washington by lead singer Arnel Pineda, keyboardist Johathan Cain, and bassist Ross Vallory. The three didn’t tell Schon that they were going and also posed for pictures with President Trump.

It was only a few months back that Journey was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but as with any long-term relationship, there are often problems and the White House visit is bringing them to the surface.

According to Variety “Journey’s Neal Schon Blasts Bandmates for Meeting With Trump”:

Just about every classic rock band split has its so-called Yoko — that is, the outside figure some fans claim got between the principals and “broke up the band.” In the case of Journey, could that “Yoko” turn out to be… Donald Trump?

Journey hasn’t broken up yet, but a steady stream of social-media commentary from guitarist and co-founder Neal Schon has brought to light a deep schism within the veteran group, brought to a head when three other members of the group visited the White House and posed for pictures with the president. Schon has devoted dozens of tweets to his fury over not getting a heads-up about the visit, which resulted in headlines erroneously suggesting that the entire band had made a friendly stop in the Oval Office.

“How would you feel if u found out that the rest of the band wanted to tour without me?” Schon asked on Twitter.  “They will not tour with Journey name. Trust me. I’ve spent way too long building to give up the brand… F-ing insane. It is a serious try at hijacking JRNY… It’s now time for the truth (about) all I have endured this year, enough is enough. Exposing any abusive, malicious behavior.”

For Schon, that behavior includes buddying up to Trump, after, he says, they’d previously had internal meetings, and even discussed publicly, agreeing not to bring politics or religion into the band. Both of those are touchy subjects, since keyboard player Jonathan Cain has stated publicly that he brings Jesus onto the stage with him at Journey shows, while Schon has declared that the band as an entity shouldn’t appear to favor any deity in particular. Cain’s entrée into the White House at any given time is an easy one: his wife, Paula White, is the pastor of a Pentecostal megachurch in Florida who became a household name even in secular circles over the last year as the president’s primary spiritual advisor.

It’s not surprising that Schon didn’t receive an invitation to tag along to the White House, but he was enraged when he apparently found out about it by seeing an NBC story singer Arnel Pineda posted in his Facebook feed with a headline indicating the entire band had attended.

There has reportedly been growing friction between the Filipino Pineda who replaced Steve Perry and does a pretty good imitation of the longtime singer and Schon. The bandleader also appears to have issues with Cain who became a devout Christian, per the Variety piece:

“Arranged photo op against what we’ve all stood for up until 2 years ago (when) Jon changed radically… And then on top of it the stories that have stemmed from their visit say JOURNEY was there. Like I don’t exist. I brought all these guys in.”

While Schon insists that he is neutral on Trump himself and that the entire issue is more about not bringing politics into the band, it’s pretty clear that there is a lot of friction and that the end of the line may be coming for one of the most popular and iconic rock groups of the 1980’s.

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