Sex Offender Returns to Form ONE Day After Being Released from Prison

In the ever-expanding annals of really stupid criminals, a place needs to be carved out for a California offender who one day after being released from prison, was arrested after exposing himself to a young girl in a Walmart restroom.

The alleged pervert, 25-year-old Tyler Ray Berthoud, reportedly entered the toilet stall that was being occupied by the 13-year-old victim and began to choke his chicken in front of her.

He was detained by a group of people upon leaving the restroom and was arrested by authorities who were dispatched to the scene.

It’s a great example of recidivism and provides an argument that sex offenders are treated far too leniently and then released where they quickly return to their predatory ways. Usually not as quickly as Mr. Berthoud though.

According to Palm Springs NBC affiliate KMIR “Alleged Child Predator at Palm Springs Walmart Arrested”:

A San Bernardino County man was in custody today for allegedly entering a bathroom stall occupied by a teenage girl at a Palm Springs Walmart and masturbating in front of her one day after he was convicted and released from jail for misdemeanor counts of sexual battery and child annoyance.

Tyler Ray Berthoud, 25, of Oak Hills, was arrested Wednesday afternoon at the Walmart, 5601 Ramon Road, after several store patrons and employees restrained him upon leaving the bathroom, according to Palm Springs Sgt. William Hutchinson.

Berthoud was booked on suspicion of attempted lewd acts on a minor and false imprisonment.

According to Hutchinson, the suspect stuck his head underneath the bottom of a stall in the store’s bathroom while the victim, a 13-year-old girl, was inside. Hutchinson said Berthoud entered the stall and masturbated in front of her, but did not physically harm or molest the girl, as was reported by some witnesses on social media.

Witnesses heard the girl screaming and Berthoud was later apprehended by a group of people after he left the bathroom.

Hutchinson called Berthoud a “brazen, dangerous individual” and “someone we don’t want in this community or any community for that matter.”

You really have to wonder about the political leadership in a state where a clearly disturbed man like this can serve his time and so rapidly return to menacing the public, especially a girl as young as his victim who may be traumatized for life.

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Donn Marten

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  1. I’m a little confused here Donn. He exposed himself AND killed a chicken in front of her? Please elaborate…

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