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Sex Offender Returns to Form ONE Day After Being Released from Prison

In the ever-expanding annals of really stupid criminals, a place needs to be carved out for a California offender who one day after being released from prison, was arrested after exposing himself to a young girl in a Walmart restroom. The alleged pervert, 25-year-old Tyler Ray Berthoud, reportedly entered the toilet stall that was being occupied by the 13-year-old victim ...

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Charming Ohio Couple Arrested Over Gruesome Contents of Freezer

In a bizarre tale out of Youngstown, Ohio, a man and his significant other have been arrested on the charge that they were storing the remains of his former girlfriend in a freezer. 31-year-old Arturo Novoa’s girlfriend went missing in mid-February, shortly before his new squeeze 34-year-old Katrina Layton moved in and began using the missing woman’s car, cellphone and ...

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Naked Man Zapped After Attacking Police with Bug Sprayer

One of the more bizarre incidents of this long, sweltering summer of fear and loathing took place in Houston, TX where police were attacked by a naked man brandishing a long-necked pesticide sprayer. Police responded to a call about an unclothed man dancing and dangling and visibly deranged and the encounter soon turned violent. The 49-year-old man retreated into a ...

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