Michigan Duo Busted for Pimping Out Disabled Woman They Kept in Shed

Never underestimate the ability of really disgusting human beings to exploit the weakness of others in order to get over and try to make a quick buck.

That is the case with a bizarre story out of the greater Detroit area after authorities arrested a charming Macomb County couple on human trafficking charges for pimping out a disabled woman that they kept locked in a shed on their property.

The 29-year-old was forced to live in squalor and confinement while the two weirdos went online to sell her services to those in search of sex. It’s a vile and nasty tale – especially since the victim wasn’t allowed to bathe regularly.

38-year-old Michael Welch and 30-year-old Misty George (who judging from their mugshots are the epitome of white trash) will now be held accountable for their intolerable cruelty towards a mentally disabled person who they completely took advantage of in the worst ways possible.

Via The Detroit Free Press “Macomb Township couple charged with selling disabled woman for sex”:

She was housed in a vacant shed and sold for sex online.

Somehow, the 29-year-old with mental and physical disabilities left the Macomb Township couple who kept her in the outside shed, taking her support money and selling her services through online ads.

Today, the couple faced a judge on human trafficking charges.

Misty George, 30, and Michael Welch, 38, were arraigned in 41-A District Court in Shelby Township, each charged with human trafficking-forced labor and prostitution/accepting earnings. George also was charged with using a computer to commit a crime, the sheriff’s office said.

Welch is expected to face more charges after he tried to escape as he entered a sheriff’s transport vehicle. He was arrested after a brief foot chase, the sheriff’s office said.

The alleged crimes occurred at the Westbridge Manor mobile home park near 21 Mile and Heydenreich in Macomb Township.

Welch and George, who live together and are believed to be dating, initially allowed the woman to stay in their home. But she was eventually moved to a nearby shed after she could not afford to pay the rent that the suspects’ demanded, the sheriff’s office said.

The victim wasn’t allowed in the home to use the restroom or shower.

The suspects set up date advertisements for the victim through a website, according to the sheriff’s office. Several men responded to the ads and paid money to the couple for sexual services from the victim.

There really isn’t much to say here than these two are the scum of the earth and need to be sent away for a damned long time for all of the trauma that they inflicted on that poor woman who they locked in their shed.

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