Genius Arrested After Calling Cops to Report His Cocaine Was Stolen

Sometimes you have to wonder whether people are stoned or just stupid.

The subject of a weird news tidbit out of Fort Walton Beach, Florida may have been a little bit of both as a not too bright individual was struck with the brilliant idea to call the police over the theft of cash and cocaine from his car.

35-year-old David Blackmon (a convicted felon) was in the process of showing the officer who responded where he had kept his stash when the cop noticed a crack rock and a pipe in the vehicle.

Needless to say, Mr. Blackmon was promptly arrested.

According to the Miami Herald “His cocaine was stolen. So this Florida man called the cops”:

When a Florida man’s cocaine disappeared from his car, he made a phone call.

To police.

Soon after reporting the theft, David Blackmon was arrested.

Blackmon, 35, of Fort Walton Beach, called deputies Sunday morning to report that someone had stolen a bag of cocaine and some cash from his car, according to a statement from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office. He told a deputy who responded that he was a drug dealer and that someone had broken into his vehicle while it was parked, taking about $50 and a quarter ounce of cocaine.

But the deputy saw some cocaine still lingering on the center console next to a crack rock, the statement said, as well as a crack pipe on the car floor near the driver’s seat.

Blackmon was then arrested and charged with resisting an officer without violence, possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing cocaine, a felony charge.

He was booked into Okaloosa County Corrections Sunday afternoon pending $4,000 bail and later released, jail records showed.

One has to absolutely marvel at how truly stupid that some people are.

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