Red Lobster Customer Makes Bomb Joke to Hostess, Guess WHAT She Brings Him

It’s inconceivable that someone could be so stupid as to go into a crowded restaurant and make a joke about the Taliban and a bomb in consideration of all of the carnage in Europe but that is exactly what a nitwit in Florida did.

A 50-year-old man dropped by a local Red Lobster for a bite to eat and reportedly told a restaurant employee that he worked for the Taliban and had a bomb in the bag that he was carrying with him.

Freddie Claudrick Bryant may have thought that he was being clever but what he got next was likely a complete surprise to him and his dining partner.

Hint: it wasn’t the all-you-can-eat Endless Shrimp special.

Within a matter of minutes, a swarm of police cars had descended on the restaurant, set up a perimeter and called in the bomb squad. Red Lobster diners were evacuated and the officers surrounded the building for what all they knew, could have been a terrorist threat.

Via The Tampa Bay Times “Clearwater man to Largo Mall Red Lobster hostess: “I work for the Taliban, and I have a bomb in this bag””:

Police officers arrested a Clearwater man Thursday after he told a Red Lobster hostess he had a bomb and was from the Taliban, then later said he was joking.

Freddie Claudrick Bryant, 50, walked into the restaurant in Largo Mall just after 3 p.m. Thursday, carrying a black bag, Largo Police said. He’s now facing possession of cocaine charges as well as a second-degree felony charge for falsely reporting a bomb. He’s currently being held on a $28,000 bond.

Largo police spokesman Lt. Randall Chaney said the department received a call just after 3 p.m. from the general manager of the restaurant in Largo Mall.

“Just to make you smile, I work for the Taliban, and I have a bomb in this bag,” Bryant reportedly told the hostess.

Bryant was seated with a woman near a window away from other patrons. Everyone else in the restaurant was quietly evacuated by police, who set up a perimeter around the restaurant.

After he left the restaurant at 3:20 p.m., he was arrested by officers stationed around the building. He told the officers there was nothing in the bag and that he was joking, Chaney said. Members of the Tampa police bomb squad arrived on scene to check the bag, which was empty.

Mr. Bryant not only ended up being arrested for his smartass joke but when he was popped, the cops also discovered cocaine which he was charged for possession of.

That seems to explain a lot, as we so often see, drugs and stupidity is a very bad combination.

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