Vengeful Refrigerator Strikes Back After Being Used for Target Practice

A man who was using an explosive packed refrigerator for target practice is lucky to be alive today after the refrigerator stuck back.

According to reports, the fridge was loaded with the substance Tannerite which is an explosive that is normally used for such things but the marksman wasn’t prepared for what happened next (some profanity in video):

According to the Kansas City Star “Guy shoots a fridge full of explosives, unleashing a flying door and words of warning”:

The refrigerator was reportedly stocked with three pounds of Tannerite, an exploding target used for firearms practice.

When the shooter, standing about 50 yards away behind a little tree, hit his target, the refrigerator exploded into a fireball. The door came flying right at him.

He didn’t even have time to wet his pants, much less run.

The video has gobbled up thousands of views and comments like this one here: “r u stupid!!!!!”

The grown-ups at “Field & Stream” cautioned against these stunts with a story headlined: “Why You Shouldn’t Shoot a Refrigerator Full of Tannerite.”

The door that flies off “looks like some terrible ghost being summoned,” writes columnist and editor-at-large Bill Heavey.

“It’s surprising that it doesn’t spin or get turned on its side and come at them edgewise. In which case it would slice through the little tree like overcooked asparagus. Instead, it slams into a bush 3 feet to the shooter’s left.”

That is one helluva fortunate dude who will probably think twice before attempting a similar stunt in the future.

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