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Afghanistan Peace Deal? Mission Impossible Now Seems Very Likely

War-torn Afghanistan has not seen any peace since the 1970s, and the US involvement in the Afghanistan quagmire is in its 18th year, but there is growing momentum towards a peace deal. The current negotiations in Doha between the Taliban and the US are the longest ever between the two sides and the optimism is very strong on both sides ...

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The Socialist Tragedy Of Venezuela: It Can Happen In America

Nicolas Maduro Venezuela

The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is once again in the news, and momentum is growing for the long-suffering people of Venezuela in their hopes to free themselves from the socialist hell that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Hollywood, and others want to inflict on the people of America. The situation in Venezuela is a warning to us all as it could very ...

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The Leftist Guillotine Just Wont Stop

Recently I had the incredible honor of meeting a former soldier in the Turkish army. He served heroically in his time and fought the sadistic narcoterrorist PKK, or Kurdistan Workers Party, and while we were discussing what is happening with the Covington Catholic students he issued a frightening but truthful warning we should all take very seriously. He warned about the left being ...

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Ilhan Omar: The Last Person Who Should Cast Judgement On The Covington Catholic Kids

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) spread outright lies on Twitter about the Covington Catholic High School boys. And with her atrocious record, she’s the last person that should be casting stones. https://twitter.com/IlhanMN/status/1087918469008576513 Dear friends, there is so much to unpack here with this woman both about her blatant despicable lying, and also everything you should know about her. Ilhan Omar must ...

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Special Category Of Scumbag: Nathan Phillips Guilty of Stolen Valor and Raising Money Claiming to be Vietnam Veteran

  The Stolen Valor Act of 2013, makes it a crime, to make it a crime for a person to fraudulently claim service in the military with the intention to receive money, property, or other benefits. After already helped put the kids at Covington Catholic through hell and then some based on absolute lies, the Washington Post very quietly retracted the ...

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Afghanistan Has No Military Solution: We Must Seize The Opportunity For Peace Before Us

America is entrenched in its longest war as its been in Afghanistan since 2001 and has never been further from victory. Nation after nation, empire after empire before the US have been unable to win any war in Afghanistan, and for some reason, the political class, the defense contractors, the media, and every other swamp creature seems to not know ...

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Wrap Up Smear Goes Wrong! Leftists Site Out-Of-Context 8-Second Video in Attempt to Smear Covington Catholic Boys … Again

After 2 hours of footage showed the Covington Catholic kids to not be in the wrong in regards to the incident Friday, the bloodthirsty guillotine left thought they had found evidence which would redeem their collapsing narrative and decrease the backlash over the violent targeting of children. Twitter user @roflinds tweeted an 8-second, heavily-edited video of what she claimed were ...

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Shocking New Low By The Radical Left

Friends, picture yourself for a moment, on a field trip with classmates and friends, and in the beginning, you are hearing racial slurs and, homophobic language directed at you as they try to get a rise out of you by Black Hebrew Israelites, then some old man comes at you banging the drums in your face, how would you react? ...

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