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The Socialist Tragedy Of Venezuela: It Can Happen In America

The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is once again in the news, and momentum is growing for the long-suffering people of Venezuela in their hopes to free themselves from the socialist hell that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Hollywood, and others want to inflict on the people of America. The situation in Venezuela is a warning to us all as it could very easily happen here.

In 1998 the Venezuelan nation was rapidly developing, the middle class was growing, and indicators like education investment and healthcare were going in the right direction. There was also a large swath of Venezuelans who were not able to benefit from the economy and in December the slow death of Venezuela began as Hugo Chavez was elected President.

Upon taking office, Chavez’s government nationalized large sectors of the economy and taxed rival companies out of the country. The government and their oligarch allies claimed the government (and his oligarch buddies) would run these industries better than the independent private sector did. The government confiscated all of this money from the wealth makers, and for a while, it was sustainable. In 1998, the financial situation including the inflation rate were all very stable, and national debt was not very high.

Venezuela now suffers from food shortages so severe that the average Venezuelan lost 24 pounds  as over 60% of Venezuelans report waking up EXTREMELY hungry, eating often only one meal a day as the food quality also gets worse. The food shortages get worse and worse to the point Venezuelan child gangs fight each other for “quality garbage” but the situation gets worse with food shortages… desperate starving Venezuelans have broken into zoos to eat zoo animals and people are having to eat their pets just to survive

As the notoriously left-wing CNN reported, Venezuelans are running out of water sugar toilet paper bread electricity and condoms. The Vice President of the Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce Ricardo Cusanno detailed that there are shortages of everything and in 2016 that nearly 90% of companies have cut production in some way. Put aside the fact Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, there is a lot of land that can be used for agriculture but it is never used.

Empty shelves across the stores in Venezuela is an extremely common site but Maduro won’t let humanitarian aid to these suffering Venezuelans.

The collapse of the health system in Venezuela has led to an extremely large outbreak of diseases like measles, malaria, diphtheria, and HIV, and the problem has been so massive that the Brazilian state of Amazonas has had to declare a health emergency.

A Venezuelan woman holds a girl at a health post for migrants in Cucuta, along Colombia’s border with Venezuela, July 16, 2018.

Infant mortality rates have surged in Venezuela, and with the death of babies in the last 42 days of the pregnancy up almost 70% according to the very unreliable statistics of the Nicolas Maduro regime. The rate is above that of war-torn Syria dear friends!!

Photos have come out from many brave Venezuelans and journalists that have shown to the world the hospital conditions and it truly rips the heart out of every civilized person seeing the conditions of Venezuelan hospitals today. The hospitals suffer massive shortages of antibiotics, intravenous solutions, even food. Doctors have to pump air into the lungs of babies non stop for many to even have a chance to survive but of course, that isn’t sustainable and tragically many babies do end up dying. Cancer medicines are only found on the black market these days. Gloves and soap are non existent in the hospitals. The humanitarian catastrophe has led to millions of Venezuelans having to leave the country.

The conditions in Venezuelan hospitals resemble something you would see in the 19th century.

Venezuelans overwhelmingly regret the fact the guns were taken from them as the suffering got worse and worse.

“Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people, or at least able to put up a fight,” Javier Vanegas, 28, a Venezuelan teacher of English now exiled in Ecuador, told Fox News. “The government security forces, at the beginning of this debacle, knew they had no real opposition to their force. Once things were this bad, it was a clear declaration of war against an unarmed population.”

In 2015 the homicide rate reached a global high as 28,000 people were murdered in Venezuela.  Amnesty International described Venezuela’s 89 per 100,000 murder rate as worse than many war zones.
The government backed gangs known as the Collectivos are widely blamed for a large amount of this astounding level of crime.

“They were set up by the government to act as proxies and exert community control. They’re the guys on the motorcycles in the poor neighborhoods, who killed any protesters,” said Vanessa Neumann, the Venezuelan-American president and founder of Asymmetrica, a Washington, D.C.-based political risk research and consulting firm. “The gun reform policy of the government was about social control. As the citizenry got more desperate and hungry and angry with the political situation, they did not want them to be able to defend themselves. It was not about security; it was about a monopoly on violence and social control.” Its the order out of chaos principal!

The socialist dictatorship seized all the guns of the Venezuelan people like every tyrant in history does.

Venezuela for a long time has been getting evermore authoritarian but the crisis reached a boiling point in 2017. First we go back to the 2015 National Assembly election where the opposition coalition MUD wiped out the Maduro’s socialist coalition GPP when the opposition alliance got an over 2/3 majority in the legitimately elected branch of the Venezuelan government. At first Maduro accepted the results but in 2017 Maduro went with the creation of the Constituent Assembly, his politburo, and the Maduro regime controlled Supreme Court gave him the power to bring this politburo despite the fact that over 7 million Venezuelans said no to the formation. Opposition leaders like Leopoldo Lopez were arrested and then when MUD politicians said no so called election would ever be fair again with the Maduro regime controlling Venezuela again, every opposition politician was banned from contesting the sham Presidential election in May 2018 but a former PSUV governor turned opposition candidate in an election that was filled with vote buying, election fraud, ballot stuffing, and other irregularities.

Opposition Leader Leo Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez was arrested by Maduro regime forces in February 2014.

That leads us to the situation we see here in 2019, shortly before Nicolas Maduro was inaugurated for a second term, the National Assembly the legitimately elected body of the Venezuelan government, elected young charismatic Juan Guaidó as the head of the legitimately elected body of the Venezuelan government. Venezuela descended into a Presidential crisis as the dictator Maduro claims to hold power but Juan Guaidó under the real constitution is the acting President.

President Juan Guaidó speaking at a Press Conference January 10th, 2019

President Guaidó took the oath of office as President of Venezuela, protesters went out in record numbers against the ex President claiming to still hold the Presidency. The record level of protests across Venezuela have happened despite all efforts by the illegitimate Maduro regime to silence them. Even in the traditional PSUV neighborhoods the working class areas the people have had enough!

Protesters have burned down a Hugo Chavez statue as the illegitimate regime collapses.

Protesters have been burning down PSUV buildings like this one in Caracas, as the people use whatever they can to fight back against this socialist nightmare.

In Barinas Pro Maduro police state socialist forces fired on protesters killing 4 defenseless people as always the socialist crackdown on dissent is always violent and sadistic.

US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that the US will recognize President Guaidó as the acting President of the country, joining many Latin American nations, and then he was followed by Canada many European nations and it is expected the European Union will do the same Guy Verhofstadt has called for it. The support for the legitimate President has crossed party lines as governments including the Center Left government’s in Ecuador and Costa Rica have put their support for the legitimate President. Only Cuba, and Bolivia are the remaining in the region who enthusiastically support Venezuela, and with the official position of countries like Uruguay and Mexico is to not get involved.

Nicolas Maduro severed all diplomatic relations with the US giving them 72 hours to leave the country and the administration won’t obey the orders of the former dictator according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The diplomats should be heavily protected and the protection should increase for them so to avoid any sort of incident. Now I don’t want a wider war in Venezuela but the US should work very hard to see that this sadistic psychopath Maduro is removed. It is a very common sense America first position for many many reasons. It has been very well documented one that high level official Tareck El Aissami is connected to Hezbollah and funders of Maduro are also very closely tied to the Iranian proxy terror group  as well as extensive support and harboring terrorists such as FARC and its successors. The Maduro regime officials are extensively tied to drug trafficking with over 100 top officials in the Maduro regime tied to the Cartel de los Soles.

Keep in mind as we talk about the situation in the US is one where our debt is 22 trillion, over 100% of GDP, our deficit is over 1 trillion, Venezuela was in a much better debt and financial situation before the socialist tyranny took over. The left seeks to nationalize the banks and industries in the US thinking they can run things better than the private sector. We know why they seek to nationalize the banks, they want every outlet possible to try to pay for these programs they can’t pay for, so they want the ability to print money much more freely, and as we know when the government prints out money they don’t have then hyper inflation follows, and we see in Venezuela inflation is over 1 million percent. The printing of worthless money will surge as they don’t have the revenue coming from the wealth owners, and all Americans who leave. The tax rates they are proposing are over 70% which crushes the ability of the wealth-makers to invest in the economy. The Nordic Countries which aren’t socialist but social market economies with high tax welfare states, they don’t make it impossible to do business and invest in an economy which allows the small countries to provide the services they provide.

According to the World Economic Forum 3 of the 4 Nordic nations are among the top 10 in best places to run a business, and these countries are the most prosperous in Scandinavia.

Medicare for all, according to a study would cost 32 trillion dollars, first thing is first, we wouldn’t have enough money to pay for it and as we see in Venezuela they can’t pay for anything in the hospitals, causing shortages in medicine, gloves, soap, and other basic supplies. In countries the left sites like Canada have serious shortages in doctors and serious issues with very long waiting times. In the UK over and over again the heartbreaking stories come out about how babies are denied the ability to seek that may help their condition, and give them a chance at a normal life. Combine a violent radical guillotine left, with controlling over the health system and inevitably going to have serious shortages of supplies, that is the ultimate nightmare scenario in every single way.

The “Green New Deal” has been a policy the radical left of the evermore socialist Democratic Party has been pushing is an even more expensive unsustainable program that we don’t need it as our carbon emissions are down 14%. The Green new deal seeks to institute 100% renewable energy in the US, Christopher Clark, a physicist who has studied rapid deployments of renewable energy, told The Hill that the building of this energy capacity will cost 2 trillion dollars.

The “Green New Deal” seeks to replace the US electricity grid renewable-based based power grid and according to The Conservation, would cost 5 trillion to replace it, and transition to a clean electric grid.

Correction: Earlier version vastly underrepresented the cost to replace the electricity grid. The estimates for replacement are estimated to actually cost 5 trillion.

Breakdown of the replacement and depreciated value of U.S. electric infrastructure. Many of the underlying data sources, including from the EIA, are the same as those recently utilized in the UT-Austin Energy Institute’s Full Cost of Electricity study. We used a simplified straight-line depreciation schedule that ends in a scrap value of 15 percent of the initial cost at the end of its expected lifetime.

The “Green New Deal” seeks to de-carbonize every American industry completely, and according to the June 2018 study from McKinsey and Company the cost of decarbonizing industries like steel, (we produce 5% of the world’s steel), ethylene (we produce 18.6% of the world’s ethylene), cement (we produce 1.8% of the world’s cement), and ammonia (we produce 6.3% of the world’s ammonia). The overall estimated cost would be between 11 and 21 trillion dollars, so between half to all of our current GDP.

The “Green New Deal” proposes a federal jobs guarantee which conservatively is set to 2.475 trillion dollars The Week reported (This estimate only covered a wage lower than $15 per hour and health care benefits. Booker’s program also only covered 15 areas, not the entire country.)

Despite the fact the universal basic income failed in Finland, and it had to be ended the expensive “Green New Deal” seeks a universal basic income for all Americans destroying the incentive to actually go out and be productive members of society, but also The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimated the cost would be 3 trillion a year and 30 trillion by the time the “Green New Deal” is implemented 100%. The estimates mentioned don’t price how much it would cost to capture green house gasses.

No “Green New Deal” supporter has been able to answer another very important question, what will you back these different renewables up with?

Despite what the left pushes, the US has seen a 14% reduction in carbon emissions but China has seen a 70% increase, and that example is being used as an example for why a “Green New Deal” makes sense.

The widely publicized plans pertaining to student loan debt question has been an issue that the left has taken advantage of, as they seek to get rid of the student loan debts, which of course no one likes having student loan debts, or debts of any type for that matter, but bailouts like this are financially irresponsible especially in a time with massive national debt, and a very large deficit. Getting rid of the student loans would be 1.5 trillion dollars. Free college would according to conservative estimates cost 70 billion dollars a year.

Combine nationalizing industries, banks, and the cost of what we see from something like the Green New Deal or Medicare for all, in 2016 the estimates of Bernie Sanders’ budget would increase the debt by 21 trillion which would make our debt to GDP ratio higher than the basket case of Greece.

The left has been out for the blood of the Covington Catholic kids based on lies with thousands of death rape bomb and school shooting threats as they double down in the attempts to destroy all opposition to their agenda, the blood thirsty nature of the left gets worse and worse, its so bad they resemble Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and not even that sadistic criminal Nicolas Maduro.

The naive belief the nightmare in Venezuela could never happen here is dangerous complacency and we must fight this with everything we have!

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