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Fake News Fail: Jailed Belarusian Prostitute Lied About Claims of Having Trump-Russia Secrets

Never in my life did I ever think I would have to ever cover such an absurd story as this but the Fake News Media has made the political discourse in this country dumber and dumber by the minute by the hour by the day. Belarusian prostitute Anastasia Vashukevich was arrested in Thailand for conspiracy to provide sexual services to ...

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TMZ Lied: Chicago Police Say Attackers Didn’t Shout “This is MAGA Country” at ‘Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett

Chicago Police did confirm that “Empire” Actor Jussie Smollett has been hospitalized after a possibly racially motivated attack at a Subway store at 2:00 AM. TMZ reported that “sources close to the Actor” said “he was walking to Subway to get something to eat at 2 AM when 2 white men wearing ski masks put his head in a noose, ...

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Maduro Regime Freezes Assets and Issues Travel Ban on Legitimate President Juan Guaidó

Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó’s bank accounts are frozen and former dictator Nicolas Maduro has banned him from leaving the country. This should be a lesson to the legitimate President that his offer to give Maduro and his corrupt narcoterrorist officials amnesty was an overly-gracious offer as appeasement never ever works against sadistic thugs like Maduro. Juan Guaidó was completely vindicated for his ...

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Pakistani Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal Against The Acquittal of Asia Bibi

9 years of hell and then some has finally ended for Asia Bibi today after the Pakistani Supreme Court upheld its October 2018 decision to overturn her death penalty conviction. Asia Bibi, a Christian mother from Punjab Province, was convicted in 2010 of blasphemy after she was accused, without evidence, of defaming the Prophet Mohammed during an argument with Muslim colleagues. ...

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Iran’s Blacklisted Populist Opposition Movement That the West Should Know About

On the USA dar Farsi Twitter account  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted out to the Iranian public as the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution approached wanting to hear from Iranians to see what they hope for the future of Iran, and as you could see for yourself that the response was overwhelmingly from this movement called Restart. در آستانه ...

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11th Week of Yellow Vest Protests; Violent Crackdown Attempt Continues

Overtaxed, costs of living rising, wages falling, The Yellow Vest Movement took to the streets again in Act 11, against the deeply unpopular President Emmanuel Macron. The protests have been mostly peaceful with small pockets of violence in response to Macron’s forces firing on the overtaxed protesters. Things are likely to get worse as wages fall and living costs rise. ...

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Westminster Silence As Countless British Girls Subjected To Barbaric Practice of “Breast Ironing”

Not all cultures are equal, and sadly that reality is happening to an astounding 1,000 British girls as they are subjected to the sadistic barbaric sickening act of Breast Ironing, an African practice where, with a hot stone, the breasts are ironed to stop the growth to avoid any sexual advances from men. Workers in heavily migrant neighborhood London, Yorkshire, ...

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Momentum Continues To Grow in US-Taliban Peacetalks

The 6 days of negotiations between the US and Taliban have ended with different wording but in the end, articulating the same end game. US and Taliban officials have agreed so far to a draft (not final) deal that would lead to the withdraw of US forces from Afghanistan within 18 months after the deal is signed. Zalmay Khalilzad the ...

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Zimbabwe: Fuel Tax Revolt and The Brutal Crackdown by Regime Forces

Zimbabwe has started to make headlines again but not for the 89 sextillion percent hyperinflation or the seizure of farms from white people, but because the country resembles a warzone. The successor to Robert Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is acting just as authoritarian as his predecessor. Mnangagwa has been a guerrilla fighter most of his life having been trained by China, Egypt (under ...

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Nick Sandmann’s Attorney Will File ‘a Multitude’ of Lawsuits Over Threats, Smears, and False Accusations

Lucian Lincoln Wood a famous libel attorney who rose to prominence representing Richard Jewell the security guard falsely accused of orchestrating the Atlanta Olympics Bombing of 1996, is representing Nick Sandmann, the famous smiling boy from Covington Catholic High School. Wood has vowed to unleash a “multitude of civil lawsuits” against those who made “false accusations and threats” against the ...

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Covington Diocese Gives Half-Baked Apology Without Apologizing For Libeling Nick Sandmann

As the wind blows evermore strongly in the direction of evidence showing the kids at Covington Catholic having done nothing wrong, the diocese is has apologized for passing judgment early, as Robert Barnes assembles a so-called “Defamation Dream Team” to file lawsuits against the liars in the Media-Hollywood-Swamp axis of evil. In the non-apology apology, the diocese never admits fault for ...

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President Trump Stabs His Base in the Back

Donald Trump white house video

The longest government shutdown in American history has come to the end with a stabbing in the back of the base that elected Donald Trump as he agrees to the Democrats’ bill to reopen the government, and without a single concession. (Related: Trump got more out of the re-opening of the government than most realize) President Trump addressed the nation over ...

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Trump Administration Preparing National Emergency Order That Identifies $7 Billion For Border Wall

After making offer after offer, compromise after compromise, and proposal after proposal, the administration has come to the realization the only way to actually address the humanitarian and national security emergency on the border is to declare a national emergency and to fund the wall. Something President Trump has the full legal authority to do. President Trump has tried to ...

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Taliban Will Prevent Afghanistan From Being Terror Safe Haven as Optimism Rises Over Prospects of Peace Deal

New reporting confirms reports from Conservative Daily News, the Afghan Herald, and other outlets that the Taliban has agreed to block other terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, and ISIS from ever using Afghanistan to attack the United States. The agreement by the Taliban is widely seen as a breakthrough in very tough negotiations with the narco-terror group. The agreement would see the United ...

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