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Ilhan Omar: The Last Person Who Should Cast Judgement On The Covington Catholic Kids

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) spread outright lies on Twitter about the Covington Catholic High School boys. And with her atrocious record, she’s the last person that should be casting stones.

Dear friends, there is so much to unpack here with this woman both about her blatant despicable lying, and also everything you should know about her.

Ilhan Omar must have missed the author of this smear admitting that she had no evidence whatsoever that it was any kids from Covington Catholic. She said it didn’t matter if they were the Covington Catholic boys or not. The left does have the guilty till proven innocent mantra as we know so let’s look at evidence that proves they aren’t students at Covington Catholic, for our little Hamas FGM loving friend who married her brother.

AG Conservative on Twitter has been ripping apart the far left’s attempt to tie a random teenager’s stupid joke, to the Covington Catholic kids, and he has been able to confirm they don’t go to Covington Catholic, but instead Owensboro Catholic, and no one has been able to refute him on the bloodthirsty guillotine left.

Ilhan Omar early in her time in the state house misusing campaign funds, getting paid off to do favors for certain colleges, disturbing information came in as she was accused of marrying her brother soon backed by remarkable amount of evidence showing she had married her own brother in 2009, dear friends, she was married to him as late as December 2017, so Minnesota you had a literal incestuous marriage in your State House. She married him to defraud the US immigration system. An official student enrollment records archived by St. Paul Public Schools were brother and sister and went to the same school. Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is the husband/brother, and despite all the attempts to find one, the only Ahmed Nur Said Elmi born in 1985 that has been found is Ilhan Omar’s husband/brother.

Ilhan Omar argued against a 2017 bill in the Minnesota State House that would make the penalties for Female Genital Mutilation much harsher. She said in an interview with a local outlet quoted saying “I don’t want us to create laws because we want to get into the media and because we want a flashy headline.” But that is not all dear friends, she doesn’t want to take girls from families who put them through this absolutely disgusting and cruel procedure. Even just talking about Female Genital Mutilation makes me actually physically sick but it should stick in your minds just what it is Ilhan Omar is supporting. Leyla Hussein is a writer and a Somali British activist, writer, and psychotherapist who has been doing incredible work in fighting against the barbaric atrocity of Female Genital Mutilation. She herself is a survivor of FGM, and the story is horrifying but a reality millions of girls face around the world. As the daughter of the neighbor was detailing to her what she was going to have happen to her, she heard a gut-wrenching scream from her sister, and then she was about to be subjected to the barbaric procedure as she was held down by family friends. They ripped the flesh out and there was only a small area that stayed open for her to urinate fortunately she wasn’t infected when the atrocity was done to her but all too often the girls suffer infections in addition to the trauma and the severe pain that happens when it is done to you.

Ilhan Omar in the State House after her corrupt practices got exposed had to pay back college speaking fees despite trying her hardest to hide it. The payments were in violation of the Minnesota State House rules. The rule in question says members can’t accept an honorarium for a service from an individual or organization that has a direct interest in the business of the House. After being sworn in 2017, she was paid to speak at Normandale Community College in February and Inver Hills Community College in April. The colleges were buying favors from Ilhan Omar. She claimed she didn’t know that this applied to the House rules. The rules are not complicated Ilhan! She was on a House committee that makes funding and policy decisions for Minnesota’s public colleges and universities. No conflicts of interest there, oh no! Ilhan Omar used campaign resources for personal travel. She also used campaign finance funds to pay her divorce lawyer. So this woman smearing and slandering the good name of the Covington Catholic kids is a very corrupt politician but that is the tip of the iceberg.

Our Hamas FGM loving friend who married her brother doesn’t even need to look at videos from anyone to the right of Siad Barre, she should look at the videos from the Black Hebrew Israelites themselves, hear it right from the horse’s mouth, as these rabble-rousing rats called these kids “future school shooters” “f*ggots” “inbred mother f*ckers” and so many other vicious and vulgar things. Of course she doesn’t care about the truth if you know anything about her career and her life you will see just who this lady is.

Ilhan Omar seems to not care that in fact stolen valor Nathan Phillips went up to Nick Sandmann banging his drum in his face and all Sandmann did was smile, and possibly smirk. A grown man goes up to teenagers and bangs the drum in their faces and he says he was trying to diffuse the situation with the Black Hebrew Israelites? Tell you what Ilhan next time you and Laura Loomer have a confrontation I will bang a drum in your face and that will be my way of diffusing the fight.

Yes, Ilhan they got legal support as the lies pushed by people like you have put their lives in complete danger, his life has been turned into hell and then some based on a series of completely debunked lies. The other kids have done the same with reportedly a large number of them accepting the offer of Robert Barnes who has offered to be their lawyer for free. Had something like this happened to you you’d rightly do the same.

Ilhan Omar did accuse Jewish people of hypnotizing the world, which of course is a disgusting thing to say, but also she has been very friendly towards Hamas who has been the most destructive force possible for the idea of the Two State Solution. They routinely launch rockets into Israel, use human shields, and in Hamas-run areas especially the standard of living is extremely low. They teach their children how to stab and kill Jews. Ilhan Omar supports Hamas while claiming to care about dead Palestinians and she is silent on the killing of innocent Israelis..

Ilhan Omar a serial liar, a terror supporter, a corrupt crooked politician, a woman who married her brother, and a serial liar, antisemite, conspiracy theorist and smear merchant.

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