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The Leftist Guillotine Just Wont Stop

Recently I had the incredible honor of meeting a former soldier in the Turkish army. He served heroically in his time and fought the sadistic narcoterrorist PKK, or Kurdistan Workers Party, and while we were discussing what is happening with the Covington Catholic students he issued a frightening but truthful warning we should all take very seriously. He warned about the left being out for blood. Antifa and other leftwing terrorists only get stronger, and more organized, there have been many foiled left-wing terrorist attack plots like the attempted firebombing of Steven Crowder’s studio, the plot to shoot up a MAGA meet up in Washington DC, a leftist plot to blow himself up, and so on. He warned us that if we believe that a  terrorist organization like the PKK could never form here, we would be in for a rude awakening.

The bloodthirst has never been stronger. Each passing day they get more organized, they get stronger, just as the PKK did early on. The Antifa-Hollywood-Media-leftist axis of violence demonstrates complicity and dismissing the danger they pose is foolish.

The recent highly public attacks on Christianity, Christian schools and, in particular, Covington Catholic demonstrate how the axis of leftism, similar to terror groups, focuses on targets and unleashes hate upon them.

The left has thrown everything and the kitchen sink at these kids as first racist homophobic @ROFLinds showed an 8 second out of context video of some random kids yelling MAGA. Of course, no evidence it was the same kids but the left ran with the video from @ROFLinds as their thirst for blood is massive. That fell flat. So now another troubled radical leftwing Twitter activist released a video where a young man says “its not rape if you enjoyed it” of course there is absolutely no evidence that the guy in question even goes to Covington but the wolves pounced on an opportunity for blood. She admits she doesn’t know if they are Covington saying “Don’t know if this boy attends Covington but I don’t need him to for it to be representative of: 1. the MAGA hat culture 2. what was going on that day 3. the toxic male mob mentality of Covington 3. the hypocrisy of the “life” protest 4. what women and girls deal with daily NEXT.” She is a flat out desperate liar plain and simple, but she is just one of the countless liars in the leftist guillotine’s thirst for blood.


Say whatever you wish about this lady and the left, but the transparency is a nice change as she admits the facts don’t matter to her and the left, they seek the blood by any means necessary.


The left tried to connect the kids with the girls in the question but Covington Catholic is an all-boys school, and on Twitter, @AG_Conservative checked with the school if these kids were part of it and they said no, and the left has not been able to prove that he is wrong.

The left’s mantra is that unless you are proven innocent any charge they make towards you means your guilty and you go to the said location, it is the same J’accuse mentality we saw in the French revolution where one shouts J’accuse and you’re guilty. Mary Simmons says since Amee Vanderpool said in the first place that these kids go to Covington Catholic that it’s on the Covington Catholic school and their supporters to prove they don’t, it is like the Christopher Steele dossier, they say oh we can’t confirm it, its salacious but no one can disprove it.

Vanderpool has been defaming these victims in one of the most vicious ways possible. Being a lawyer, you would think she would be smarter, but it seems she got her law degree out of a crackerjack box.

The left pretended to care when Laura Ingraham made something that really is so weak it doesn’t qualify as a joke about David Hogg but these same scum are threatening to shoot up the school, they are offering money to those who beat the kids up, they are threatening to firebomb these kids. These people aren’t just wrong about policy, they are pure evil!

As we close out with the situation and with what I have learned, it has become very apparent the tactics they are using, and it should send a chill down every American’s spine. In October 0f 2014 the PKK and their political ally the HDP rioted across Southeast Turkey after they accused Turkey of making ISIS win in Kobani in Syria (the Obama administration and NATO did use Incirlik Airbase to support ISIS) but they didn’t do anything in front of Incirlik. Yasin Börü and his friends Hakan Gökgöz and Hüseyin Dakak were delivering meat to Syrian refugees but the fact they were Kurdish and from conservative families that put a target on the backs of these kids, and the PKK, chased these kids into an apartment building they were tortured at the top of the apartment, they were mutilated their limbs were cut off, and they were thrown off the top of the apartment and then the PKK mob ran these kids over. Their justification the sadistic violent barbaric killings of these AK Parti teens was to falsely claim these kids who were delivering meat to Syrian refugees were terrorists when as we can see the evidence could not be further from the truth.

16-year-old Yasin Börü and his friends Hakan Gökgöz and Hüseyin Dakak were mugged and killed while handing out meat prepared by a voluntary union for the poor during the Eid al-Adha.

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  1. Good post. Hopefully the left will keep making fools of themselves enough to lose some of their legitimacy and power. Any word on the other group of kids that were yelling “MAGA” and other things at the girls in the 8 second video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeaULj93dVE). It is hard to get much useful info from such a short video. I am assuming that there was some kind of a debate going on before the girls decided to leave because they were tired of it.

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