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Wrap Up Smear Goes Wrong! Leftists Site Out-Of-Context 8-Second Video in Attempt to Smear Covington Catholic Boys … Again

After 2 hours of footage showed the Covington Catholic kids to not be in the wrong in regards to the incident Friday, the bloodthirsty guillotine left thought they had found evidence which would redeem their collapsing narrative and decrease the backlash over the violent targeting of children.

Twitter user @roflinds tweeted an 8-second, heavily-edited video of what she claimed were the Covington Catholic boys, shouting MAGA at her, and in the video, she didn’t care she dismissed it. In the video, one of the boys shouted “we can’t hear you” which indicates she said something to initiate the event, but the dishonest woman didn’t bother to show that section of her video or explain what was said.


The attention-monger wanted her 15 minutes of fame, and with the inevitable fact that those in the public eye will have their past tweets looked at, we really start to see just who this lady really is and it isn’t this rosy poor innocent little-oppressed victim of abuse at the hands of big evil white Christian Trump supporting boys. Looking at her other social media posts, it’s obvious that she is actually a very racist and homophobic person.



She may delete her racist posts but the internet is forever. She said it and it is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life.

(I nor anyone at the Conservative Daily News advocates any sort of violence or doxxing against this racist and homophobic lady, it is for her parents, for universities and employers to make the judgment about her.)

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