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CNN: Kanye West Is A Minstrel – Might As Well Have Called Him Stepin Fetchit In White-Face.

Last week CNN’s Don Lemon insulted and made fun of Kanye West when Mr. West visited the Oval Office and had a conversation with President Trump. Mr. Lemon called Mr. West’s visit with President Trump a “Minstrel Show”. I suppose Mr. Lemon wasn’t clever enough to use more exotic racial references like Stepin Fetchit, black-face or chitlins in relation to Mr. West‘s behavior while at the White House. But the point of Mr. Lemon’s nasty, insulting remark was that Mr. West has no right thinking independently from the leftist party line and that he is out of line visiting the president of the United States and showing support for President Trump’s policies. The reference to being a Minstrel is an indicator that Mr. Lemon thinks blacks could only support President Trump by being buy-outs to the progressive mind-trap and that he was tap dancing to Trump’s tune. But the truth is that many blacks and other minorities see the wisdom of Trump policies and they see a brighter future for themselves and their children if the old, leftist, progressive way of doing political business is changed.

After many examples of Democrats trying to destroy any and all opponents to their big-plantation philosophy where black Americans are concerned, one can understand their opposition and reaction to Mr. West’s anti-liberal speech, made in the presence of journalists and the president, and his mental escape from liberalism to the free states. Mr. West is so famous that liberals, like the talking heads on CNN, had to blast him for his freedom and his willingness to express his anti-liberal thinking on current issues, but they said not one word in specific criticism to anything of substance that Mr. West said during his White House visit.

CNN, which should be a non-aligned, independent voice in America, is a totally-owned subsidiary of the radical Democrat party, and the entire left-leaning world of American politics is running scared in the wake of Donald Trump and his example of how a nation becomes successful and retains success. Democrats must be kept out of political office for the near and distant future, and Donald Trump’s policies must be supported and implemented by the Congressional Republicans.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. The lefties still haven’t figured out that the American people are not as stupid as they think we are. However the American people are realizing just how ARROGANT (without any actual, factual basis for being ARROGANT) the left is. They mantrate how “Truth is Relative” to the point they believe it! They assume that because they speak something it becomes Truth – and we, the stupid basket of deplorables (who are SO in desperate need of their Expert Care), will just believe it because of who they pretend they are!

    Picture Gideon lying back on the side of the hill with a blade of grass hanging out of his mouth while watching the Midianites self destruct. That’s me!

    Keep it up, lefties. God may not be willing that you parish – but I am…

  2. Often it has been suggested that when a person or organization starts tossing around ‘names’ sans meaning it is a sign of either their personal feeling of their own inabilities or they’ve run out of ammo and can either throw rocks or accept defeat…..We well know how the accept defeat…..so rocks it is.

    I understand that Soros has ‘bought up’ most of mainstream media like Time Warner…so maybe they would rather lose their souls than their jobs….

    Our army of deplorables is now recruiting Prayer Warriors (no experience necessary) to join this battle to save our nation…

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