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Newseum, a Temple to Journalist’s Self–Regard, Falls on Hard Times

Evidently, America just wasn’t that into you. The Newseum, a 250,000–square–foot nexus of narcissism for America’s journalists is in danger of closing. Originally opened 20 years ago, the Newseum is journalism’s valentine to itself. A museum designed to tell a breathless public everything it could possibly want to know about all that’s warm and wonderful about reporters. That’s a tough ...

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Bitter Sore Loser Hillary Clinton Calls for Abolishing of Electoral College

Defeated Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continues to make the stops on her national grievance tour to fulminate against the cruel system that snuffed out her hopes of making history as the country’s first female POTUS. Mrs. Clinton’s sense of entitlement was forever shattered in the wee hours of November 9th when she smacked right into that glass ceiling like ...

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An open letter to CNN

Dear CNN, So, how have you been?  I haven’t heard much from you over the last couple of weeks.  Granted, I don’t actually watch you, but I know a couple of people that do.  Well, to be honest, it’s only one person.  He’s the uncle of a friend of a neighbor’s ex-wife’s yoga instructor.  He watches from jail. Recently, though, ...

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On a slow news day, nets cover Trump-Russia and OJ

Newsday 7-20-17

On what is admittedly a very slow news day, it’s interesting to see what the cable news networks decided to focus on during the cycle. MSNBC and CNN focused on two angles of the ongoing Trump-Russia collusion thing. While Fox News went hog wild over O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing even using MSNBC footage to discuss the event. While focusing on ...

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“Gde Myaso?” Russian for Where’s the Beef?

Political campaigns are full of liars and fabulists. From the candidate who promises to repeal Obamacare root–and–branch, to the volunteer who lies about how many doors he knocked, campaigns attract people who are, as Mark Twain observed, “Economical with the truth.” I know because I spent almost 40 years working in elections all over the US and in a handful ...

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America’s News Providers Are Taking Us On A Dangerous Ride

America’s news organizations are no longer stand-alone companies vying for dominance over competitors in the reporting of the news. They should be competing with each other to deliver the true unbiased news, but they’re not. Even though the news-print organizations like the New York Times are about to go out of business, this criticism about their business practices applies equally ...

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Not a Blatant Act Of Racism And Intimidation? Does This Mean No More False News From CNN?

CNN Broken News

At Joint Base Andrews yesterday, July 8, 2017, as President Donald Trump approached Marine-One for a flight to the White House following his successful trip to Europe to attend the G-20 talks, he saw the cap of the Marine who was standing guard at the helicopter laying on the tarmac where the wind had blown it. The President deftly picked ...

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CNN Makes An Admission That They’ll Regret Forever

On July 2nd on CNN’s “Reliable Sources”, pundit Brian Stelter made a statement that will live in infamy and burden the network forever. He was belly-aching about the video that showed an image of President Donald Trump wrestling with a CNN logo and throwing it to the mat. Of course, he was trying to make Trump out to be a ...

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Did CNN Break the Law With Implied Blackmail Threat?

The media mafia at CNN is once again in damage control mode today after their tracking down of an anonymous Reddit user responsible for the epic video in President Trump’s body-slam tweet and a veiled threat to publicly unveil his real identity. With the full might of a multi-million-dollar network behind them, the fake news pushers found out the real ...

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#CNNBlackMail: CNN Threatens Personal Info Leak…Over a Satirical Video

CNN Broken News

BY ALEX PAUL Earlier this morning, CNN contributor Andrew Kaczynski posted a lengthy article on the cable news outlet’s website that serves as a sort of response to a tweet uploaded by President Trump, in which the President roughs up WWE promoter Vince McMahon with the CNN logo superimposed onto the latter’s face. Although most of the article is nothing ...

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CNN Producer: Voters “Stupid as Sh*t”– American Pravda Part 3

CNN Producer - stupid as sh#t.

Project Veritas released on Friday part 3 of their exposé “American Pravda: CNN” on the bias at CNN during which a CNN producer brags that 90% of CNN has an incredibly negative view of the president and American voters. In part one, a different CNN producer had admitted that CNN drives the Trump-Russia narrative despite knowing that it’s “bullshit” and ...

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Do Cameras Determine The News? CNN Thinks So.

Very Fake News - A.F. Branco political cartoon

CNN’s Jim Acosta recently lost his cool when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced that the media would have to leave their cameras turned off during the scheduled Q & A session for which they had assembled. In an attempt to get the cameras turned on Acosta repeatedly harassed Spicer by interrupting him and keeping him from speaking with ...

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