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CNN’s Don Lemon Sued For Alleged Assault

CNN’s Don Lemon is being sued for an alleged assault in a Long Island, New York, bar July 2018. Dustin Hice is suing Lemon, a CNN host, and seeking an unspecified amount for “emotional pain and suffering,” according to the lawsuit, Mediaite reported. Hice alleges Lemon attacked him in July 2018 at a New York bar after he offered to ...

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Liberals Discuss What To Do About White Men

About the time of the mid-term elections, CNN’s Don Lemon informed America that white American men are a danger to society and are, in fact, terrorists. So what exactly should we do about these evil white men? Shall they be lined up and shot? Shall they all be put in prison? People like Mr. Lemon would also use as proof ...

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CNN: Kanye West Is A Minstrel – Might As Well Have Called Him Stepin Fetchit In White-Face.

Last week CNN’s Don Lemon insulted and made fun of Kanye West when Mr. West visited the Oval Office and had a conversation with President Trump. Mr. Lemon called Mr. West’s visit with President Trump a “Minstrel Show”. I suppose Mr. Lemon wasn’t clever enough to use more exotic racial references like Stepin Fetchit, black-face or chitlins in relation to ...

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Mark Levin Slams Don Lemon: I’ve Been Saying He’s Low IQ Since He Showed up on CNN

On his nationally syndicated radio program, host Mark Levin said that CNN host Don Lemon has a low IQ and that he’s been saying that since the day Lemon showed up at CNN. On his Wednesday show, Mark Levin stated, “So all you here from Don Lemon is that the president is a racist [sic] that’s why you have no ...

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The Liberal Press Just Keeps Getting It Wrong

Last night CNN’s Don Lemon was grilling Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson about his relative inexperience with international relations, and he spoke with Mr. Carson as though such things can’t be learned by a responsible and sincere person, and as though Mr. Carson will not have experts on his staff to advise him if he is elected president.  But Mr. ...

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