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CNN’s Lemon: Unvaxxed are “Stupid”; Time to Start “Shaming” Them

During the nightly handoff between their shows on Wednesday, CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo exchanged thoughts on their continued disdain for the unvaccinated, with Lemon openly recommending public shaming (which definitely, definitely isn’t already being done on the left) for those who have refused to comply with vaccination initiatives:

RedState reports:

“We have to stop coddling people,” Lemon said, saying “like Trump voters,” they are “stupid.” “It’s time to start shaming them, or leave them behind. Because they’re keeping the majority of Americans behind.”

“Stop it with the ignorance,” Lemon declared. “And we have to stop saying, ‘Oh well you have to listen to people.’ No, you don’t. These people are being harmful to the greater good. You don’t have to listen to a minority of people who are being harmful to the greater good and who are not acting on logic, reason and science.”

“You’re going to question the vaccine, but you’re going to take a horse dewormer,” Cuomo agreed, repeating that same stupid, false talking point against ivermectin which is an anti-parasitic drug for humans. It is prescribed by some doctors for COVID, although it hasn’t been approved for that use by the FDA.

My favorite aspect of the whole “listen to the experts, do what we say, and shut up” school of thought that most in the media ascribe to is how innately contradictory it is — it’s a philosophy that basically states that they care about you so much that they’ll verbally beat you into submission if you don’t care the way they do.

Leftists like Lemon have such an inflated sense of unearned moral superiority that they draw from believing their politics to be reflective of a unique sense valuation of society’s greater good. But at the same time, they’ll label anyone who disagrees with them on public policy dregs to society.

For the left, political disagreement doesn’t make you the opposition. It makes you the enemy, it makes you stupid, and it makes you evil — and that’s how they’ve managed to heat up the discourse to a point where exchanges like these are commonplace.

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  1. unfortunately you can’t fix stupid and the left especially the ones that call themselves journalist and we know that term is used loosely are beyond repairable

  2. And both of his viewers heartily agreed. The third would have but his meth pipe broke and he had to leave to get another.

  3. Lemmon is such a sour puss, i don’t watch the likes of him but unfortunately he makes the news by his what he thinks is witty observations. What are you leftists headed for that you want to leave us behind? You’re headed for the edge of the proverbial cliff and we don’t want to be anywhere near you as you all tumble over into oblivion. What a bunch of dummies you are. Time to wake up and save your hides.

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