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Alisyn Camerota Goes Rogue, Admits She’s Tired of CNN’s Russia Obsession

CNN hostess Alisyn Camerota made the news when she threw a tantrum earlier this week and as a result deleted her Twitter account.

She appeared to have been shell-shocked after being throttled by Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka and perhaps there is more than a nugget of truth to that idea.

Now Ms. Camerota appears to have gone rogue, admitting that she is tired of the network’s obsession with the endless Trump-Russia coverage at the expense of covering anything in the reality based world.

The “New Day” anchor appeared on a radio show to promote her book and dropped the bombshell that isn’t likely to endear her to her bosses.

According to The Hill “CNN’s Camerota says she has Russia fatigue”:

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota said on Friday she has fatigue from the news media’s continuing coverage of alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling.

“I hear your Russia fatigue and I share it. You know, there are many mornings I come in and pray for other news to eclipse any sort of Russia thread,” the “New Day” anchor told the “Bernie and Sid Show” on on 77 WABC.

“There are always ethical dilemmas that journalists face. Every day we are making decisions about ‘What are we going to lead with?’ ‘What are we going to leave out?’” she continued.

“By the time I plug in, there is already a direction of the show. However, I am free at any time to say to my executive producer, which I do pretty regularly, ‘Hey, I don’t want to do this in this segment, I want to do this, and then it’s a debate.”

The interview can be heard here:

Camerota was pressed by the host on the ongoing witch hunt but seemed to have be exasperated with it all. He also brought up CNN’s ongoing coverup of the DNC’s collusion with Ukrainian operatives and the blonde news bimbo adhered to the official line.

She unexpectedly hedged on the rush to judgment to crucify Donald Trump Jr. over what increasingly has the appearance of a setup with an enigmatic Russian attorney who was peddling incriminating information on Hillary Clinton – a false pretense that likely justified Obama’s intelligence agencies to commence their surveillance of Trump and his associates.

She can probably expect to be summoned to Jeff Zucker’s office fairly soon, that is if it hasn’t happened already.

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  1. If you go to Youtube you’ll find her trying to huff & puff against a number of Conservatives. At times she seems embarrassed. Maybe now she’s tired of looking like a fumbling fool.

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