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Story Abour Native American Professor Who Supposedly Died Of Coronavirus Appears Completely Made Up

Dr. BethAnn McLaughlin, the founder of the organization MeTooSTEM, posted a eulogy for a Native American professor at Arizona State University. The Native American professor, known as @Sciencing_Bi on Twitter, died after a battle with coronavirus, McLaughlin tweeted. Certain irregularities with @Sciencing_Bi’s online persona soon became apparent and both that account and McLaughlin’s were suspended for violating Twitter’s “spam and ...

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Fake Prophets or Just Democrats

At times our schedules, job requirements, and family life distract us from critical issues needing attention. It appears a few Americans are at this point. Are we only seeing the fake shiny objects? Many Americans are unaware the fake news media held an all-day marathon newscast about fake news. Unfortunately, it wasn’t about correcting their formerly fake news but to ...

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‘Breastfeeding’ Migrant Disputed By Medical Exam, Charged With Felony For Identify Fraud

ICE badge illegal aliens

An illegal immigrant mother whose nursing claims were disputed by a medical examination has been slapped with multiple felony charges for using another person’s social security number. Maria Domingo-Garcia was federally indicted on Tuesday for knowingly using another individual’s social security number, according to court documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. The ruling, handed down in the Northern Division ...

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Twitter Beats France Over The Head With Its Own Anti-Fake News Law

Twitter used an anti-fake news law France passed in 2018 to block the French government’s social media campaign to get citizens to vote early in an upcoming election. France passed a law in December 2018 requiring online political campaigns to declare who paid for them, and how much was spent. Twitter is now using the law to black out the ...

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Fake News Is Threatened By The Truth

CNN Sucks

The thing that is perhaps most frustrating to our leftist, fake news crowd, is that their lies are actually being challenged by President Trump. President Bush, and even President Reagan, just took the lies and continued on their distinguished, aloof, presidential way. But Donald Trump challenges their every false assertion and position and tells the true side of the equation, ...

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Sean Hannity: Media Gets Upset When We Call Them Who They Are, Which Is ‘Fake News’

Sean Hannity

On his nationally syndicated radio show, host Sean Hannity said that the fake news media gets upset when we call them who they are, which is fake news. On his Monday radio program, host Sean Hannity stated, “it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the reporting in this country would ignore Adam Schiff, schiffless shciff and his call to ...

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Survey: Americans despise fake news more than hate speech

fakebook News Dept. - A.F. Branco

A new survey released Thursday revealed that Americans consider fake news more objectionable than hate speech on social media, though both are opposed by large majorities. The First Amendment Center of the Freedom Forum Institute survey showed that 83 percent of respondents agreed that social media companies should remove false information, compared to 72 percent who agreed such companies should remove hate ...

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Former New York Times Editor Carries Obama Therapy Doll in Her Purse

It’s not like the New York Times’ liberal bias is any secret but here is a creepy story that shows how deep that the rot truly runs at the nation’s most influential newspaper. The first female editor of the “The Gray Lady” has fessed up that she has been so distraught by President Trump’s election that she is carrying around ...

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The Liberal Press Abuses The Constitution

The liberal, anti-Trump, anti-American press is abusing their own Constitutional rights by not reporting news that would negatively impact their political position as well as by reporting Fake News that hurts the Trump/Republican position. The liberal press has chosen to not report news that’s not to their liking, but the Constitution does not allow them to make this choice. It ...

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And Now.. President Trump’s 2017 Fake News Awards

Donald Trump success

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday night that the finalists in the 2017 Fake News Award competition had been selected. And the FAKE NEWS winners are…https://t.co/59G6x2f7fD — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 18, 2018 Unfortunately, the site containing the results crashed under the weight of the interested public. The outage lasted just over an hour, but finally, the results were released. ...

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Trump announces winners of 2017 ‘Fake News Awards’; Breaks the Internet


Update: Results finally released HERE President Donald Trump announced Wednesday night on Twitter that the winners of his “Fake News Award” had been chosen. “And the FAKE NEWS winners are…” he tweeted. Then posted a link to gop.com which, unfortunately, got slaughtered by the onrush of traffic hoping to see the results. And the FAKE NEWS winners are…https://t.co/59G6x2f7fD — Donald ...

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White House uses tape recording to correct ‘Fake News’ story

President Donald Trump went after The Wall Street Journal Sunday morning calling them “FAKE NEWS” over a story they printed Friday. “The Wall Street Journal stated falsely that I said to them “I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un” (of N. Korea),” the president tweeted. “Obviously I didn’t say that. I said “I’d have a good relationship with Kim ...

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ABC News Suspends Brian Ross after fake news story on Trump

ABC has suspended Brian Ross after he falsely reported that then-candidate Donald Trump instructed Michael Flynn to contact Russian government officials before the election. Ross, citing anonymous sources, claimed that Flynn agreed to testify that before the election Trump told him to contact Russian officials. His “source” had actually told him that the order came only after Trump had won ...

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