Forget Fake News, Try Fake History – Revisionist History, that is

Adolph Hitler used to say that if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Napoleon Bonaparte said that history is a set of agreed upon lies. Paraphrasing Napoleon, “History is a collection of fake news published by the mainstream media,  promoted by  Big Tech and enabled by the FBI and Deep State”

You may remember mainstream media coverage of the following events 


#COVID  – 14 days to flatten the curve

#Jan6 Insurrection










Remember Dominion software?  As soon as irregularities with Dominion Software showed up during the 2016, elections, search for who owns Dominion Software seemed more like a cover-up. If you search using the same terms today using various search engines, it looks like a coordinated Dominion Software apologetics effort.

Collage of a search for who owns Dominion Software using 5 search engines

We have known for decades that journalists leaned left. America First policies so triggered them, they abdicated the 4th estate and came out of the closet behaving more like the DNC’s Propagandezepete, while Big Tech promised to democratize the worlds, it now is in the business of Silo building. Twitter for example, encourages a hit-and-run approach as a form of personal safety: Making social media argumentation is antithetical to reasoning

Collage of certain Twitter warnings

According to Pew Research,  a small number or vocal Twitter users drown out the many. 70% of reTweets are from Democrats & 70% of reTweets are falsehoods, 52% of adults get their news on #Facebook and 87% of #Twitter users also use Facebook 

Screen capture of Pew Research Twitter statistics

How can we forget Big Tech’s suppression of the Hunter Biden story leading up to the 2016 elections. Main stream media characterized it as “lawful” – just like it was lawful to kill Jews or to own slaves.

Now consider that more lies have been aimed at destroying the Roman Catholic Church than any other institution in the world. So much that even most Catholics believe the lies they were taught in high school or have seen on T.V. and social media:  Consider all the misrepresentations that Pope Francis has been subjected to, even when he clearly stated in his Laudato Si:  “Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature, is incompatible with the justification of abortion” – Pope Francis

In his book Forty Anti-Catholic Lies: A Myth-Busting Apologist Sets the Record Straight, Gerard Verschuuren refutes popular myths about Catholicism, while in  “Seven Lies about Catholic History,” Dr. Diane  Moczar debunks revisionist history exposing  the lies we have heard over and over again 

Surprising?  No! 

After all, China does not view the USA or Russia as her biggest threat but Christianity in general & Pope Francis in particular.   Simple math:  There are over 2.6 billion Christians in the world but only 1,4 billion Chinese

Earlier this month, Xi told a conference in Beijing, described in official reports as the National Work Meeting on Religious Affairs, that all religions in China needed to embrace the Communist Party, expanding on one of his long-held policies. 

“(We) must maintain the party’s essential direction on religious work, we must continue our country’s direction for the sinicization of religion, we must continue to take the large numbers of religious believers, and unite them around the party and the government,” Xi said. 

We saw this phenomenon with the Wuhan Virus. Observations shortly after the release of the virus, our observations continue to hold: research that threatens the status quo, like Hydrochloroquine is vilified, censored  & unlikely to be published. This applies to just about any scientific endeavor.

Why research that threatens the status quo is rarely seen


The Establishment, including Wikipedia,  is still promoting the Big Lie that that Biden was elected in a clean election & that the January 6th disruption was organized by President Trump – Refer to Wikipedia’s
Trump’s false claim of a stolen election, completely disregarding the facts, such as

We know for example, that some 60-90% of security breaches happen due to Inside Jobs. Insiders with motive, have a MOM: Motive, Opportunity and Means – enough to easily commit any crime, such as voter fraud. In fact, with insider help, voter fraud is so easy, a caveman can do it.

We know for example that the USPS unions endorsed Joe Biden and that over 80% of the USPS workers voted for Biden. We can reasonably guess that most, if not all of the swing precinct employees, working with the USPS workers, voted for Biden

Now consider that in a 2009 study Jonathan Haidt presented 8,000 plus people with hypotheticals such as discard a box of ballots to help your candidate win, They had to say whether they would do it for $10, $1,000, $100,000,More?

Liberals were willing to betray group loyalty, disrespect authority or do something disgusting, like say, voter fraud while conservatives said they were less willing to compromise on any of the moral categories.

Again I ask, why is it the Main Stream Media, DNC categorically deny that the 2016 elections included some level of voter fraud?

Because if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes history!

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  1. Never, in my almost 60 years, could I ever imagine, or witness myself, the criminal takeover of, not only the criminal takeover of our premier law enforcement agency, but our ENTIRE government. I now see why the Jews of Germany did not leave when the Nazis were telling them exactly what they were going to do with them.
    1. Their rights were taken away slowly, over years, not days. The changes in their lives were gradual, so they became accustom to one before the next one was taken. So everyone just kind of thought, “this isn’t that bad.”
    2. Having lived in Germany for years, some generations, they were friends with everyone. They couldn’t conceive that anything bad would happen Even as all their rights were being eroded one by one, they all believed, “this is not right or legal. The Nazis can’t get away with this!”. After they realized that yes, the Nazis WERE gonna get away with it their next thought was one they never knew they had, “oh dear Lord, they are gonna murder each and everyone of us.”. By that time they were powerless to do anything.

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