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YouTube Reinstates Live Action’s Viral Video Describing Abortion Procedures

YouTube has reinstated a viral video in which a doctor describes abortion procedures after the platform temporarily removed the video Friday, saying it violated YouTube guidelines. The pro-life group Live Action initially posted “Abortion Procedures: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters” on February 24, 2016. Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino describes four abortion procedures during the first, second, and third trimesters ...

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Media Calls Biden A ‘Devout Catholic.’ Where Does He Actually Stand With The Catholic Church?

Staff at CNN and other outlets called Joe Biden a “devout Catholic” Thursday after President Donald Trump said the former vice president would “hurt the Bible, hurt God.” Biden has frequently spoken about his Catholic faith as “the bedrock foundation” of his life, has been seen holding rosary beads and has referenced the solace his faith has given him. Biden ...

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July Jobs Report: 1.8 Million Jobs Added, Unemployment At 10.2%

The U.S. economy added 1.8 million jobs in July, while unemployment fell to 10.2%, according to Department of Labor data released Friday. Total non-farm payroll employment rose by 1.8 million in July, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, and the number of unemployed persons fell by 1.4 million to 16.3 million. “In July, notable job gains occurred in ...

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‘Why The Hell Would I Take A Test?’: Biden Denies Taking Cognitive Test After Previously Saying He’s ‘Constantly Tested’

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Tuesday that he has not taken a cognitive test, though he said in June that he is “constantly tested.” The former vice president discussed his mental health in an interview with CBS News’s Errol Barnett, who asked Biden: “Have you taken a cognitive test?” Biden compared Barnett’s question to asking whether someone used ...

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DC Police Reveal Why They Arrested Teens Writing Pro-Life Messages In Chalk

The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department arrested two students Saturday morning for defacing property after they wrote pro-life messages in chalk, MPD told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Students for Life of America and the Frederick Douglass Foundation had planned to write the words “BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER” on the sidewalk outside an abortion clinic in Washington, D.C. Saturday morning ...

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Bill Clinton Spokesman Says Former President ‘Never’ Went To Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island, Despite Accuser’s Statement

Former President Bill Clinton said through a spokesman Friday that he “never” went to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the Caribbean, Little St. James. Documents unsealed late Thursday night contain the statements of Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, who told an attorney that the former president visited Epstein’s private island. Giuffre did not describe Clinton committing crimes, but she notes that ...

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‘What’s Bill Clinton Doing Here?’: Accuser Describes Bill Clinton’s Visit To Epstein’s Pedophile Island

Former President Bill Clinton visited with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein on his so-called pedophile island in the Caribbean, according to an accuser’s account in court documents unsealed Thursday night. The documents contain the testimony of Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, who told an attorney that the former president visited Epstein’s private island, Little St. James, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, ...

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Democrats Aim To Repeal Decades-Old Ban On Government-Funded Abortions Overseas

Democratic legislation proposed Wednesday takes aim at the Helms Amendment, a decades-old ban on using  U.S. aid to fund abortion programs overseas. Democratic Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky introduced the “Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act of 2020” Wednesday, which would repeal the Helms Amendment and “authorize the use of funds for comprehensive reproductive health care services, and for other purposes.” The ...

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Ghislaine Maxwell Allegedly Took Topless Photos Of Girls As A ‘Hobby:’ Unsealed Docs

Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s cohort Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly took topless photos of young girls as a “hobby,” Epstein’s former butler says. The 70-year-old former butler and maintenance worker, Juan Alessi, discussed his experiences working for Epstein in court documents examined by the Daily Mail. Alessi said that Maxwell had a photo album filled with topless photos of young girls, ...

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10,000 Child Deaths Each Month Tied To Coronavirus-Linked Hunger, United Nations Says

Over 10,000 children are dying each month from coronavirus-linked hunger, according to the United Nations. The U.N. warned in an analysis that coronavirus-related hunger is killing children and causing malnutrition across the globe, the Associated Press reported. “The food security effects of the COVID crisis are going to reflect many years from now,” Dr. Francesco Branca, head of nutrition at ...

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‘Don’t Ever Apologize For What You Believe In’: Former Bachelorette Star Describes Backlash For Not Posting A Black Square

Former Bachelorette star Garret Powell discussed his disillusionment with political conformity on social media in an interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Don’t ever apologize for saying something that you believe in,” he said, referencing football star Drew Brees and former Bachelorette star Garrett Yrigoyen, who have both apologized for their conservative beliefs after facing backlash.  “I might catch a ...

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‘An Epidemic’: Trump Campaign Condemns Anti-Catholic Crimes

President Donald Trump’s campaign condemned the onslaught of anti-Catholic crimes occurring throughout the United States in a Friday statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation, accusing “radical leftists” of attempting to destroy the “moral fabric of our nation.” “The rise in violence against houses of worship, religious symbols, and sacred spaces is quickly becoming an epidemic across the country led ...

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Planned Parenthood Six-Figure Ad Buy Targets Susan Collins For Supporting Kavanaugh

Planned Parenthood will  Republican Main Sen. Susan Collins with a six-figure media buy highlighting Collins’ support for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, according to the Hill. The nation’s largest abortion provider launched the ad campaign against Collins Thursday with an ad that criticizes the senator’s support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court in light of his dissenting vote on ...

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1.3 Million Americans Filed First-Time Jobless Claims Last Week

An additional 1.3 million Americans filed first-time jobless claims for the week ending July 11, according to Department of Labor data released Thursday. Thursday’s numbers are down only 10,000 from the week before, CNN business reported. On an unadjusted basis, over 1.5 million Americans filed jobless claims for the first time – a number that has risen almost 109,000 from ...

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California Indoor Religious Worship Suspended Indefinitely, State Health Department Confirms

The California Department of Health clarified Tuesday to the Daily Caller News Foundation that indoor religious services in the state have been suspended with no definite end date. Over four months after California initially instituted a lockdown on March 19, the state issued a new coronavirus order Monday that rolled back reopening plans. The guidance mandates that restaurants, bars, churches, fitness ...

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