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Obama’s Chief Strategist Says Biden Is In Danger Of ‘Serially’ Distorting His Own Record

Former President Barack Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod tweeted Friday that 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is “in danger” of “serially” distorting his own record. Axelrod, who served as a chief strategist for Obama’s presidential campaigns, tweeted Friday about Biden’s newfound opposition to the Iraq war. Axelrod warned that Biden’s gaffes have moved from “harmless” to being “in danger of creating ...

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Facepalm: Pro-Abortion Kamala Harris Tells Trump Admin: ‘A Society Is Judged Based On How It Treats Children’

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris tweeted Thursday that “society is judged based on how it treats children,” but the California senator has also said she wants to “protect every woman’s constitutional right to abortion.” Harris re-tweeted a Bloomberg article Thursday that criticized President Donald Trump’s “policy of separating migrant children from their families” resulting in minors suffering “fear, post-traumatic stress ...

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Rep. Banks Defends NFL Quarterback Drew Brees For Encouraging Students To Bring Bibles To School

Rep. Jim Banks defended NFL quarterback Drew Brees Thursday for participating in a Focus on the Family video that encouraged students to bring Bibles to school. The 40-year-old New Orleans Saints quarterback and 12 time Pro-Bowler participated in a video Focus on the Family created that depicted Brees encouraging students to share their faith with others as part of a ...

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NYT Reporter Floats Baseless Conspiracy About Trump Getting Advance On Job Numbers


New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted Thursday that President Donald Trump was able to see the jobs report numbers in advance, suggesting he was attempting to “spin” the figures. Haberman retweeted a Trump tweet Thursday that said, “Really Good Job Numbers,” captioning Trump’s tweet by speculating about what Trump’s tweet might mean. Jobs report numbers will be available tomorrow ...

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Nurse Tells Pro-Life Nurses To Stay Out Of Health Care

Associate professor and clinician-scientist Monica R. McLemore wrote in an op-ed that nurses who don’t want to provide abortions should not go into health care. McLemore draws on a recent HHS announcement regarding a nurse who was forced to perform an abortion against her will. Pro-life health care professionals comment on McLemore’s op-ed, saying that abortion is never to be ...

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Former Hillary Adviser Says The Race Is Down To Biden, Warren, Sanders: ‘It’s Too Late In The Game To Keep Saying It’s Too Early’

The 2020 Democratic presidential pick is down to three candidates, warns a former Hillary Clinton adviser: former vice president Joe Biden, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. (Related: Democrats to Choose Nominee from Group of Old White People) Longtime Clinton adviser Philippe Reines pointed out that Biden, Sanders, and Warren are the only candidates polling above single digits. Meanwhile, ...

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Biden On His Inaccurate War Story: ‘The Details Are Irrelevant’

Former vice president Joe Biden said Tuesday “the details are irrelevant” in regard to his inaccurate war story that was actually three different stories compiled together. The 76-year-old presidential candidate told 400 people assembled in a Hanover, New Hampshire, college meeting hall an emotional story about how a general asked then-Vice President Biden to travel to Afghanistan to award a ...

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Hurricane Dorian Strengthens To ‘Catastrophic’ Category 5

Hurricane Dorian has upgraded to a “catastrophic” Category 5, according to reports from the National Hurricane Center. The National Hurricane Center tweeted Sunday that Dorian progressed from a Category 4 to a Category 5, calling the hurricane “catastrophic.” The center also revealed that the hurricane has winds of 160 mph. “NEW,” the center tweeted. “Dorian is now a category 5 ...

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Court Overturns Conviction Of Five-Time Deported Immigrant Who Shot Kate Steinle


A California court overturned the conviction Friday of a five-time deported homeless illegal immigrant who shot Kate Steinle in 2015. The 1st District Court of Appeals ruled that the trial judge erred in not giving the jury “the momentary possession instruction,” NPR reported. “It is undisputed that defendant was holding the gun when it fired. But that fact alone does ...

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Minor League Baseball Player Whose Brother-In-Law Allegedly Murdered His Family: ‘My Heart Was Turned To Ash’

Minor league baseball player Blake Bevens spoke out Thursday for the first time since the Tuesday murder of his wife, child, and mother-in-law, saying “my heart was turned to ash.” Authorities revealed Wednesday that Beven’s 18-year-old brother-in-law Matthew Thomas Bernard allegedly murdered his sister, his mother, and his 14-month-old nephew in their southern Virginia home, according to The Washington Post. ...

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Planned Parenthood ‘Grooms’ Girls For Abortions Using Sex Ed, Former Sex Educator Says

Former sex educator Monica Cline told the Daily Caller News Foundation that Planned Parenthood “grooms” children for abortion. Cline worked as a sexual health education instructor with Planned Parenthood for ten years. Planned Parenthood taught her to teach children about every type of sexual activity, she says, because the organization assumes children already do these things. Former sex educator Monica ...

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Circular Firing Squad: As Warren Draws Bigger Crowds, Dem Rivals Rev Up Oppo Research

As 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren draws massive crowds and larger campaign donations, her rivals have begun to rev up their opposition research against her. The Massachusetts senator initially showed weak campaign funding and was derided for her claim to Native American heritage, Politico reports, leading her competitors to dismiss her. But Warren held a Sunday event in Seattle ...

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Biden Wants To Close Down Detention Centers For Illegal Immigrants

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that detention centers for illegal immigrants should be closed down. Biden spoke at a Thursday town hall in South Carolina where he was asked what he would do about detention centers designated for illegal immigrants. “Close them down…we don’t need them!” Biden responded, according to a video tweeted by a member of the ...

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Biden Told A Moving War Story. But It Was Actually A Mishmash Of Different Events

2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden told a moving story of how he pinned a medal on a distraught soldier overseas, but the former vice president appears to have compiled three different war stories and mixed up a variety of details. 76-year-old Biden told 400 people assembled in a Hanover, New Hampshire college meeting hall about how a general asked then-Vice ...

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