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Mark Levin Slams Don Lemon: I’ve Been Saying He’s Low IQ Since He Showed up on CNN

On his nationally syndicated radio program, host Mark Levin said that CNN host Don Lemon has a low IQ and that he’s been saying that since the day Lemon showed up at CNN. On his Wednesday show, Mark Levin stated, “So all you here from Don Lemon is that the president is a racist [sic] that’s why you have no ...

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Levin: “Susan Collins is a Radical pro-abortionist”

On his nationally syndicated radio show Monday, host Mark Levin said that Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) is a radical, pro-abortionist: “I want you to know something  about Susan Collins that Martha Raddazt won’t tell you or anybody else for that matter. Except some of the writers over at the daily wire and a few other places. Susan Colins is a radical, ...

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Hannity: I Don’t Care What the Left Thinks about Me, I Just Care about What’s Right

“I don’t care what the left thinks of me I just care about whats right,” said Fox News host Sean Hannity on Sunday. Appearing on Life Liberty and Levin, Hannity was asked by Host Mark Levin to comment on what it is like being attacked by the left. “The most important thing to me is I don’t care, not even a little bit Mark one bit what the ...

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Is Rush Limbaugh Afraid of Obama?

I am a loyal, and nearly every day, listener of the Rush Limbaugh Show. I have begun to wonder what is up with him and the other conservatives who so adamantly oppose Barack Obama. Rush spends 3 hours a day, Monday through Friday railing about Obama and his policies. Rush says Obama is the most dangerous man in America (not ...

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Why He's Called 'The Great One'

I hope Mark Levin will indulge me posting 8 Minutes from his Veterans Day Show. It Illustrates why his talk show is one of the most popular and fastest growing programs on air today. He’s the Most Articulate Voice of Conservatism in America today. [mp3player width=300 height=75 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://conservativedailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/11.11.11Levin.mp3] Why He’s the Great One  

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CDN’s Newest Talk Show: Married To The Game!

While conservative talk radio has no shortage of hosts and personalities, sometimes it does seem to have a shortage of ideas.  Sometimes it feels like everybody is saying the same things, and the only thing that really differentiates them is who can yell the loudest.  That’s where Married To The Game comes in. Married To The Game is a new ...

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