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‘Tyranny Of Anarchists’: Mark Levin Unloads On Matt Gaetz Over Motion To Remove Kevin McCarthy As Speaker

Fox News host Mark Levin blasted Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz and others who supported a motion to vacate the speakership Tuesday, accusing them of being “anarchists.”

Gaetz introduced the motion to vacate the chair Monday after the House passed a continuing resolution that averted a government shutdown Saturday. “Why are 11 Republicans helping the most diabolical party in the United States of America? Why are they joining with the Progressive caucus and the Marxists in the House of Representatives who hate this country to do what they’re doing today?” Levin told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow, noting that 11 Republicans voted against the motion to table Gaetz’s effort to remove McCarthy.

Eight Republicans voted to remove McCarthy as speaker along with 208 Democrats in a 216-210 vote after the motion to table failed.

“They are basically 11 demagogues who want you to believe all these things have been passed in the house have not taken effect. Why aren’t they focused on the Republican leadership in the Senate? That’s the problem. That’s number one. Number two, they talk about a 33 trillion-dollar debt.”


“I was talking about this all through the pandemic that nobody is talking about the debt including Matt Gaetz, who never talked about the debt. I don’t remember five Republicans going to the floor blasting the Republican administration for the outrageous spending under camouflage of the pandemic but today they get on the floor and they’re going to save the country,” Levin continued. “Jefferson talked about the tyranny of the minority. He also talked about the tyranny of the legislature. I have supported government shutdowns. You and I both worked for Reagan. There were eight of them. There should have been government shutdowns and there should be more government shutdowns, but this isn’t Pickett’s charge up the hill at Gettysburg where the Union with 60,000 soldiers is waiting over the other end. That was a dumb move. It was ordered by General Lee, one of the great generals. Pickett’s charge may make you feel good but when it actually has an adverse consequence that’s outrageous. So we have here a tyranny of anarchists.”

The House of Representatives will vote to elect a new speaker. Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeen Jeffries of New York said that any speaker the Democrats supported would have to agree to more funding for Ukraine, parity on the powerful House Rules Committee, an end to the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden and for spending levels to remain at the level agreed to in the debt ceiling deal.

“I’m a conservative, Newt Gingrich is a conservative, Chip Roy is a conservative, Byron Donalds is a conservative,” Levin said. “The vast majority of the Freedom Caucus which is built on constitutional conservatism of free markets opposes what’s taking place did. You want to know why, America? Because of this, every Democrat will vote with every one of those 11 and they already have. Why? Because burn it down is the argument. No burn it down is not what a constitutional conservative believes in. That is not what a capitalist believes in. That’s not what people who believe in individual liberty believe in.”

“We’ve got problems swirling around us. The Democrat Party is a Marxist party. They are implementing their agenda as we speak. So impeachment hearings stop. Investigations of the FBI stop,” Levin added.

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  1. Levin is an idiot Mr. Gaetz did a great thing McCarthy is a California Democrat who got elected by lying about being a Republican. He hates President Trump and is in Brandon’s pocket. The RINO’s don’t need the demons to elect another Speaker anyway. Good work Mr. Gaetz!! McComunist lied again when he said there was no side deal to give more money to Biden via Ukraine. Good riddance to lying trash

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