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Levin: Donald Trump Is the Most Investigated Man in American History

On his nationally syndicated radio show, host Mark Levin said that Donald Trump is the most investigated man in American history.

“Russians have nothing on him they have absolutely nothing on him. If they had something on him by now we’d know about it,” said Levin. “Donald Trump is the most investigated man in American history. He’s got committees investigating him, he’s got a 1,000 newspapers investigating him, he’s got a special counsel investigating him,  he has the state attorney general in New York investigating him, he’s the most investigated man in American history.” “Everything this man does is hyper-investigated,” added Levin.

This is an attack on the American people said Levin, an attack on the people who voted for him.“This not even an attack on Donald Trump as horrible as it is, it’s not even an attack on his family as horrible as it is. It’s an attack on the American people. The American people voted for him and I don’t wanna hear about the popular vote that’s not what the constitution provides,” said Levin.

Levin had sharp criticism for those complaining about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote and not being president, “It’s called the electoral college,” said Levin. “And just because you run up numbers in California that doesn’t mean oh Hillary Clinton would’ve been president.  Every single president in this country who was elected, was elected through the electoral college, not the popular vote,” added Levin.

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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  1. I guarantee you millions are illegally registered and voting in California!
    No one can verify the voters rolls the communists running the government
    will not allow it! Democracy and fair elections are OVER in the USA….Done!

  2. Worried about my daughter attending public Illinois high school and need advice on what school would be best for her – the information she has already been presented with in grade school is (left) terrible

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