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Graduated from Classen High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in May, 1968. Enlisted in the U S Army on December 11, 1968, serving 3 years in the 7th Special Forces Group as a Heavy Weapons Expert, attaining the rank of Sgt. E 5. upon separation went to work at Southwestern Bell Telephone on January 17, 1972 and retired on August 31, 2003. Also spent 1 year on active reserve as a member of the 14th Special Forces Group. attaining the rank of Staff Sgt. E6. started and operated a business installing wiring for telephone, data, and video surveillance systems from October 2003 until December 2011. Suffered a debilitating stroke on August 19, 2014. Now recovering and doing volunteer work at the Claremore, Oklahoma Veterans Center. Attends church in Claremore at CedarPoint and LifeChanger churches. Married to wife Marsha since August 2, 1989 with 4 daughters and a deceased son, 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Liberal Witch-Hunters are After Trump

Liberals try to intimidate or illegally force President Trump out of office, but who would replace him? Hillary has committed multiple acts of outright treason and multiple criminal acts, including being complicit in murder. Hillary sold the national uranium reserves to Russia and put the proceeds in her pocket, an act that qualifies as both treason and embezzlement, but no ...

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Claremore School Honors Veterans, Unlike Anti-American Liberals

On Monday, November 6, 2017, I attended an annual Veterans Day assembly at Stuart Roosa Elementary School in Claremore, Oklahoma. My granddaughter, Leyna, the 11th of 12 is in the 5th grade at the school. I haven’t been able to attend the last 3 Veterans assemblies. due to the stroke I suffered in 2014. This year’s assembly was just as ...

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Praise God he still heals our afflictions I am living proof: CH. 7

SEEING SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT This the 7th installment of the series about the severe stroke I suffered on August 19, 2014. I am not going to restate the issues covered in the previous installments but rather will devote this one to a current development. I had intended this chapter to be written upon completion of the restoration God promised me in ...

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Godless leftists using violence to intimidate Christians

GODLESS LEFTISTS USING VIOLENCE TO INTIMIDATE CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS Once again we see the leftists calling conservatives hateful and violent. They are only proving that their name calling is nothing more than projection, projecting their own ways onto their opponents, in order to gain the upper hand in their effort to turn the United States of America from a Republic based ...

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Revival of the Black Robe Regiment

I just watched a documentary about the “Black Robe Regiment” covering the role ministers played in the American Revolution. It was inspiring and depressing at the same time. Pastors in colonial days spoke out against the tyranny of King George III and many pastors led the men of their congregation into battle to win the freedom God intended for them ...

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Politicians Perverting Medicare to Buy Votes and Enslave We the People

POLITICIANS PERVERTING MEDICARE TO BUY VOTES AND ENSLAVE WE THE PEOPLE I have seen ads on TV touting that Medicare has 40 million MORE cell phones, with service paid for, available. The bragging about having that many more makes me wonder how many they have already passed out. I paid into that scam for 50 years, by force with money ...

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ALEXANDRIA SHOOTER IS DEAD, SCALISE IS IN CRITICAL CONDITION I just read a report at the DC Statesman (http://www.lifenews.com/2017/06/14/ liberal-bernie-sanders-supporter-responsible-for-shooting-pro-life-congressman-steve-scalise/ that says the leftist nut who shot Rep. Steve Scalise and 4 others is dead. I am glad we won’t be supporting that evil scumbag in style for years. The assassin, James T. Hodgkinson, is a supporter of Bernie Sanders, ...

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Gutfeld gets it right on Climate Change

Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld posted on Facebook that he refuses “to be lectured to about climate science by the same party that claims a fetus is not a human being”. I couldn’t agree more. Liberals, especially the Democrat party, call a human fetus “a blob of tissue” but want to demand that I accept their false narrative about man-made climate change. How ...

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Claremore Veteran’s Center Honors Vets on Armed Forces Day

PROUD OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT OF CLAREMORE VETERANS CENTER Saturday June 10 was Armed Forces Day, a day set aside to recognize all past and current members of the American armed forces. The Claremore Veterans Center celebrated with a fishing tournament at the onsite pond, a horseshoe tournament, and a fish fry. Cash prizes were awarded for the fishing and horseshoe ...

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Memorial Day 2017

MEMORIAL DAY 2017 I just read an e-mail from one of my online friends describing how a town in Holland, called Valkenburg, honors the fallen American service members from World War II. They honor them EVERY DAY, not just one day a year. Graves are tended by families who adopted the fallen soldiers in 1945 and pass the responsibility down ...

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IRS Officials Afraid to Testify About Obama/Clinton Corruption

Lois Lerner

An article published last Wednesday said current and former IRS officials are afraid to testify on criminal actions against Tea Party groups because they believe it “could put their lives in danger.” They believe their “safety” takes precedence over the public’s right to know. What arrogance! They are public servants paid to serve ‘We the People’, not to serve some tin-horn ...

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Praise God He Still Heals Our Afflictions, I am Living Proof: Chapter 6

This is the 6th part of the series I am writing about the stroke I suffered on August 19, 2014. Me having a severe stroke was an absolute shock to everyone, especially my primary care doctor. On August 2, 2014 my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, on August 5th I had a complete physical after which Dr. ...

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4 DAYS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD Lifechanger Church in Claremore, Oklahoma celebrated Easter this year with a 4 act drama centering on the first Easter. Thursday night depicted The Last Supper, Friday the crucifixtion of Jesus, Saturday the dismay and confusion of the followers of Jesus after he had been killed, and Sunday celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus. I attended ...

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Men of Iron 2017

As I begin this article on Sunday April 2, I just returned from the annual Men of Iron conference held in Ruidoso, New Mexico. It was an incredible 3 days of worship, preaching, and fellowship that I will never forget and an experience that I will treasure forever. We were told that this is a record for attendance, 1500 men, ...

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Continued prayer for America

CONTINUED PRAYER FOR AMERICA God answered the prayers of Christian people like myself and installed Donald Trump into the Oval Office over the cheating and lying of Hillary Clinton, the democrat political machine, and their propaganda arm they call the mainstream media. I am thankful for those answered prayers and continue to ask God to bless this nation. One of ...

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