I just read a report at the DC Statesman (https://www.lifenews.com/2017/06/14/ liberal-bernie-sanders-supporter-responsible-for-shooting-pro-life-congressman-steve-scalise/ that says the leftist nut who shot Rep. Steve Scalise and 4 others is dead. I am glad we won’t be supporting that evil scumbag in style for years. The assassin, James T. Hodgkinson, is a supporter of Bernie Sanders, a staunch socialist/communist who wants to see liberty become a thing of the past. The report also stated that leftists are already cheering the attack while calling for further unconstitutional gun control measures. It turns out, as no surprise to me, that the shooter is a liberal Bernie Sanders supporter. And, as usual, they want to disarm those of us not committing the crimes with guns. They know that honest, law abiding people like myself are a threat to their globalist dictatorial aspirations. It is very plain that the left has no desire to live in liberty because the 2nd Amendment clearly states that citizens are to be allowed to possess any firearm they want to have when it states that the right to keep and bear arms “shall not” be infringed. The amendment DOES NOT specify what class of firearms we are allowed to keep and bear nor does it state any exceptions to the “shall not be infringed” wording so every restriction they have imposed violates the Constitution. It appears that we are closer to another war for independence than ever before and are brought there by people who think that only they should be allowed to own guns. This is the same mentality that fueled the massacres perpetrated by Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, and countless other brutal despot dictators. Democrats and their moronic supporters desire to establish an autocracy, a leftist dictatorship that puts everyone in the nation under their autocratic thumbs with any sense of liberty banished forever if they get their way.

Scalise is a patriot, not an establishment gop puppet, and I admire him greatly for standing against the New World Order pushing GOP establishment. I have long said there is virtually no difference in the political parties. Both of them desire a dictatorship with themselves in control. We are faced with a choice very similar to the one faced by the German people in 1932, which evil dictator do we vote for because both factions desire the same ultimate goal, tyranny for the masses. I have received a lot of criticism for speaking out against the ruling class GOP hacks but I stand my ground and totally believe in my position. The donkey wing of the New World Order Socialist Party left democracy when John F. Kennedy was murdered and have been chased vigorously by the elephant wing ever since. Today we have two dictatorial entities competing to see which can control the nation, and it isn’t for the benefit of We the People but rather for the benefit of the political ruling class insiders. This is why they hate and fear President Trump so much, he will dismantle their one world government autocracy and they don’t want him to succeed in destroying their plans. I was not in favor of Donald Trump until I saw how much he was hated and feared by the GOP insider hacks like John Boehner, John McCain, Paul Ryan, and the other big government traitors. They are still trying to thwart the will of We the People by sabotaging everything President Trump is trying to do. Both wings want to impeach President Trump even though they have absolutely no cause for such actions. Barak Obama gave them many reasons for impeachment but they declined because he is one of them, a treacherous wanna-be dictator.

Those calling President Trump a Fascist are showing their ignorance of Fascism. President Trump is a free market capitalist, as were our founders, and the leftists hate the concept of freedom. For any readers who are just as ignorant of the tenets of Fascism I will enlighten you. Communism is government ownership of everything, no private property allowed, while Fascism is government control of all private property. Hitler allowed the business people to keep their companies but only under very strict control of himself and his minions in the Nazi Party. I remember the uproar Gen. George Patton caused near the end of WWII when he told reporters that people joined the Nazi Party much the same way as Americans join the Democrat and Republican parties, they had to make a choice, even when both choices were evil. They could either join the Communist Party or the Nazi Party. The movie “Patton” showed how the media and the politicians of the day reacted, the politicians wanted Patton strung up for his statement but I see him as spot on and things have only gotten worse since then. Democrats openly support islam, abortion on demand, and homosexuality, and republicans pay lip service opposition but do nothing to back up their feeble vocal “opposition” while doing everything they can to deceive citizens into believing that they are a viable option to the Democrats.

Liberals try to say that islam is a “religion of peace” that has been hijacked by radicals but islam is just islam, not radical or moderate. They teach nothing but hatred, torture, and murder to attain their goal of worldwide satanic rule. Christianity, on the other hand, teaches love and compassion for others, even those seen as enemies. Moslems murdr homosexuals and are excused whereas Christians pray for them and try to lead them out of destruction but who do homosexuals demean and who do they support? I call homosexuality a sin, as does the Holy Bible, and call on them to repent. They call me “homophobic”, “intolerant”,” bigot”, and “hateful” while saying nothing about moslems who will kill them for entertainment. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder!!!!!

True conservatives like Steve Scalise are such a rarity in the gop today and they want people like him out of the way so they can disarm the people and install their totalitarian regime. Like Scalise, I will never bow to the agenda of the left, a group so ethically and morally bankrupt that there is little hope for their redemption because they reject everything that redemption requires. I wrote an article a while back asking Christians to pray that the moslems obama was bringing here would find Jesus while here and find their redemption in turning away from the satanic cult called islam and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I still have that hope and have the same hope for democrats, and the majority of republicans who are lost. I pray that the Holy Spirit can reach them before it is too late but they are so lost and arrogant that I don’t have much confidence that they will heed the call when it comes, if they can even discern it. In the mean time I will continue to raise the alarm and pray for the nation in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the only hope for our nation and formankind.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

June 18, 2017

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Bob Russell

Graduated from Classen High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in May, 1968. Enlisted in the U S Army on December 11, 1968, serving 3 years in the 7th Special Forces Group as a Heavy Weapons Expert, attaining the rank of Sgt. E 5. upon separation went to work at Southwestern Bell Telephone on January 17, 1972 and retired on August 31, 2003. Also spent 1 year on active reserve as a member of the 14th Special Forces Group. attaining the rank of Staff Sgt. E6. started and operated a business installing wiring for telephone, data, and video surveillance systems from October 2003 until December 2011. Suffered a debilitating stroke on August 19, 2014. Now recovering and doing volunteer work at the Claremore, Oklahoma Veterans Center. Attends church in Claremore at CedarPoint and LifeChanger churches. Married to wife Marsha since August 2, 1989 with 4 daughters and a deceased son, 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

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