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Are Government Actions Needed in Allocating Resources Against Coronavirus?

Do you think that government (collectivism) is manipulative or incompetent?  Would you say government is good?  On one hand, Trump is intentionally not doing the right thing (manipulative) on the basis of getting reelected.  On the other hand, government is imperfect (incompetent).  I tend to side on the latter. Our true discourse is about the allocation of resources (government / ...

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Australian White, Male Cat Kills the Socialist Theory

In Australia, a professor was conducting an experiment with the Tern Bird community but a white, male cat killed the birds and sent the rest of the flock in panic. Many Marxist do not understand why Socialism doesn’t work and why Maoism/Communism was so disastrous in the 20th Century.  It wasn’t because everyone didn’t give 100% dedication to the socialist ...

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Article V Convention is a “National Convention”

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was called under the Articles of Confederation that gave state legislators supreme power. When the U.S. Constitution was created, the structure of our government included a new entity…We the people. The Preamble of the Articles of Confederation starts with “we the undersigned Delegates of the States…” The U.S. Constitutions preamble starts with “We the People…” ...

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The Plot to Impose a National Sales Tax or Value Added Tax through an Article V Convention

This article is published on Publius Huldah’s By Publius Huldah A devilish plot is afoot to impose new national taxes on the American People. It is a masterful piece of trickery because the authorization for the new national taxes is buried within Compact for America’s version of a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution. Furthermore, the balanced budget amendment ...

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why a Constitutional Convention is dangerous..

Amidst myths about climate change, corporate greed, government corruption, failing churches and a horrible education system, people are calling for the restructuring of the federal government through a constitutional convention. The reasons for holding a convention run the gamut from reigning in the federal government to wishing others to expand it. But what do we call this federal convention? The ...

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A Positive Constitutional Right: Your Child is Village Property

“We need to break through this private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to their whole communities.” – MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry states Children today are considered village property. While some believe parental rights depend on elected official’s vote, this conjures up images of communist or fascist youth. ...

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COS Proposes Bizarre Solution to rein in the U.S. Supreme Court

US Supreme Court

Constitutional Convention advocates recommend a fundamental transformation of the U.S. Supreme Court by modeling it after the European International Court on Human Rights (ECHR). Convention of the States National Director, Michael Farris recommends, “If the Supreme Court loves their national law, we’ll fix them this way.” Farris continues that we turn the Court into a 50-judge panel serving 8-year terms. ...

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The People…bound by the Chains of the Constitution

“In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” – Thomas Jefferson Proponents of an Article V Convention wish to use the U.S. Constitution to control the federal government…to put limitations on the federal government. Most Constitutions throughout the world bind its citizens ...

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Convention of the States: Refuting Alabama’s COS Video

Even though Alabama has applied to Congress to call a Convention, people are using this video to justify a “Convention of the States”. A Convention of the States does not exist within Article V of the U.S. Constitution and this video is riddled with misconceptions: 0:39 – Article V does not give “state legislators the authority to call a convention, ...

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Convention of the States…a Refute to a Runaway Convention

Many people are jumping on the Constitutional Convention bandwagon. I wanted to address a couple of issues with Michael Farris’ latest article about the Runaway Convention Myth. In his article titled “Can We Trust the Constitution? Answering the Runaway Convention Myth”, he states that opponents to a Constitutional Convention claim two arguments, they are 1) “the delegates were instructed to ...

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Using the Constitution Series: Speaking with a Communist

Does private property exist? If we own property, may we alter it as we see fit? Recently, while discussing property rights, a whole new argument arose…Communism. Are individuals able to exercise private property rights or does government control property? The first time I encountered this debate was with a libertarian’s husband who felt because we pay property taxes, we don’t ...

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Convention of the States Does Not Exist in Article V – Part 2

Using the Constitution: Article V Convention Counter Argument Proponents of an Article V Convention are in panic mode. They demand that something be done immediately to resolve our current crisis and it must be done soon. So, they have rebranded the original Constitutional Convention of 2011, to an Article V Convention and now, its called a “Convention of the States”. ...

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Our Constitutional Protections of “We, the People’s” Individual Rights and Freedoms

As the Articles of Confederation was written and established by the States, the unique perspective of our founders were that they gave us a U.S. Constitution written by “We, the People” and ratified by the States. This placed, We, the people over State and federal government. …and gave us certain rights even our local government is infringing on. Our Constitution ...

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The Unmentioned Authority of the US Constitution…”We, the People”

Reason Not to Have a Constitutional Convention # 2 [W]e have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. John Adams Government cannot control individual passion. We, as a nation, in pursuing a more perfect union does not mean confining one another with the shackles of government…no matter what level of government. ...

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