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Australian White, Male Cat Kills the Socialist Theory

In Australia, a professor was conducting an experiment with the Tern Bird community but a white, male cat killed the birds and sent the rest of the flock in panic.

Many Marxist do not understand why Socialism doesn’t work and why Maoism/Communism was so disastrous in the 20th Century.  It wasn’t because everyone didn’t give 100% dedication to the socialist dictatorship as obvious during the “Great Leap Forward”.  As Reagan stated,

“the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

Of course, Socialists blame a white, male for…being a cat.  If they could they’d probably make him a Christian to add salt to the wound.  In the end, the college professor/scientist concluded that the cause of the collapse of his tern bird sanctuary was one white, male cat. The other two other accomplices (cats) were exonerated.  During the assessment of this cat’s destruction, the professor organized a group of citizens, lobbied government to develop a program to euthanize feral cats and wasted a lot of resources to conclude that a cat was the cause for his failed project.  A UNC professor provided cover for the Australian professor.

By feeding the birds and giving them a sanctuary, he provided an environment unrealistic to their natural habitat and similar to a socialist’s dream.  This led to the birds false sense of security.

This cat was actually looking for a meal, whereas the professor created an environment that provided these meals.  Instead, this cat provided much needed Intel for the professor to determine that his project was flawed and upgrades are needed.  Instead, the professor blamed and killed the cat.  Maybe it was the Australian government and the university professor that caused the chaos within the wildlife and not a white, male cat that’s simply doing what he does.

The article stated that the “white kitty” was “directly OR INDIRECTLY responsible for the death of six adults and 40 chicks.” What does that mean of 220 birds? Did he kill them or not? Later, cameras confirmed the presence of the white cat but no footage of a killing.

Rather than euthanizing the cat, the professor should be attempting to figure out how these birds are going to make it in the real world, unless this is how climate change.  The dictatorship of everything to the point at which those decisions are above blame, kinda like our politics today.

One cat destroyed this college professor’s project; I’m pretty impressed with this white kitty’s tenacity and intelligence and it was a shame that he was killed.  If you’ve ever dealt with a property owner who doesn’t like cats, all of a sudden the cat is the cause of every bad thing that happens on their property.

Honestly, this is a college professor’s failed project which demonstrates the narcissism conducted on a small scale but was also demonstrated during one of the greatest experiments known to man “The Great Leap Forward”.   One of the excuses for 30 million killed was for the misreporting of goals to Chairman Mao.

While the primary reason for their incompetence was a white male!

Could it have been the system established?  Sound familiar?



“A Single Male Cat’s Reign of Terror”, Jul 31, ’19, Sarah Zhang, The Atlantic, https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2019/07/cat-birds-australia/595048

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