Our Constitutional Protections of “We, the People’s” Individual Rights and Freedoms

As the Articles of Confederation was written and established by the States, the unique perspective of our founders were that they gave us a U.S. Constitution written by “We, the People” and ratified by the States. This placed, We, the people over State and federal government. …and gave us certain rights even our local government is infringing on. Our Constitution distinguishes between the individual “the People”, the states and the federal government.

As our nation has drifted away from promoting a society centered around the individual, whereas he’s able to address the problems important to him. We have drifted into a collective society, one of harmonizing and deconflicting to an aggressive and controlling society. Where the issue of the day is what government is addressing and injecting itself.

Government officials at all local, state and federal levels take an oath to the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land. But to some politicians, this belief is the progressive, controlling role where problems are solved with the blunt instrument of government. Other politicians believe that government’s role is a passive role to where bureaucracies intervene to harmonize conflicts.

Whether we’re talking about an intervening United Nations, federal, state and local government.

Below are some individual rights and freedoms we enjoy under our current U.S. Constitution.
1. Free Exercise of RELIGION – 1st Amd
2. Freedom of SPEECH – 1st Amd
3. Freedom of PRESS – 1st Amd
4. Right to PETITION – 1st Amd
5. Right to peaceably ASSEMBLE– 1st Amd
6. Right to keep and bear ARMS – 2nd Amd
7. Freedom from QUARTERING TROOPS – 3rd Amd
8. Right to be SECURE IN your PERSONS, HOUSES, PAPERS and EFFECTS – 4th Amd
10. Freedom of WARRANTS being issued upon PROBABLE CAUSE – 4th Amd
11. Rights that WARRANTS SUPPORTED BY Oath and affirmation – 4th Amd
12. Rights of WARRANTS must be SPECIFIC, describing place to be searched and persons or things to be seized – 4th Amd
13. Freedom from being HELD to answer FOR A CRIME UNLESS on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury – 5th Amd
14. Freedom from DOUBLE JEOPARDY – 5th Amd
15. Freedom from SELF-INCRIMINATION – 5th Amd
16. Right to DUE PROCESS – 5th Amd
17. Right of PRIVATE PROPERTY taken for public use, without just compensation – 5th Amd
18. Right to SPEEDY TRIAL – 6th Amd
19. Right to PUBLIC TRIAL – 6th Amd
20. Right to an IMPARTIAL JURY in State/district where crime was committed- 6th Amd
21. Right to be informed of NATURE and CAUSE OF ACCUSATION – 6th Amd
22. Right to FACE ACCUSERS – 6th Amd
24. Right to COMPULSORY PROCESS for obtaining witnesses in his favor – 6th Amd
25. Right to the assistance of COUNSEL FOR HIS DEFENCE – 6th Amd
26. Right to a CIVIL TRIAL BY JURY – 7th Amd
27. Freedom from EXCESSIVE BAILS or FINES – 8th Amd
28. Freedom from CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT – 8th Amd
29. Freedom from others using their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO DENY OR DISPARAGE OTHERS – 9th Amd
30. Abolition of SLAVERY – 13th Amd
31. Constitutional Rights are protected to anyone born in the US…CITIZENSHIP – 14th Amd
32. Freedom from BLACK SUFFRAGE – 15th Amd
33. RIGHTS TO VOTE, afforded to Women (19th Amd), over 18 (26th Amd)

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