Are Government Actions Needed in Allocating Resources Against Coronavirus?

Do you think that government (collectivism) is manipulative or incompetent?  Would you say government is good?  On one hand, Trump is intentionally not doing the right thing (manipulative) on the basis of getting reelected.  On the other hand, government is imperfect (incompetent).  I tend to side on the latter.

Our true discourse is about the allocation of resources (government / collectivism / Communism vs. anarchy / individualism / Capitalism).  I like to describe the ideologies as collectivism v. individualism rather than painting me an anti-government (anarchist) guy or worse, stupid.  At this time, do you think it’s a good course of action for the government (whether good, incompetent or manipulative) to allocate resources toward certain actions, or whether they should leave some leeway for the individual to react?

It is also skepticism of media.  The claim that Trump (or any President) could’ve done more to stop this virus falls short of their own reporting abilities to address the measure back in January.  Most were writing about Trump’s impeachment, not about attending to the coronavirus.

If you give me homework such as CDC reports, please tell me what I’m looking for?  I have read “The Communist Manifesto” and pretty much understand the parallels to today’s culture.  Please look at the similarities describe in the Communist Manifesto in today’s culture.  Tomorrow’s lesson will be on conflict creation and Hegelian Dialectics, as we’re talking about government’s dictations in today’s Coronavirus.


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One Comment

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly (government ..i.e. other human beings are incompetent for the most part). e.g.; govt has NEVER run any enterprise successfully (EVER).

    And I don’t and never would trust them to do the right thing (for the average human). Humans (most) are incapable of doing the right thing and those in govt fail at an even higher level.

    Go to the supermarket and watch the humans hoarding everything at the detriment of everyone else. It is the “I got mine, pull up the ladder jack” and then realize that govt incompetence (and corruption) is much worse.

    You see this and can understand God’s displeasure and the concept behind Noah’s Ark.

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